Omega Seamaster 40mm

Omega Seamaster 40mm

"All of a sudden, I see the hood of the car Omega Seamaster 40mm that raised, it orange, you can miss it, and two or three fire trucks and about 20 guys," Jennie Burton said.

Omega Seamaster 40mm

Omega Seamaster 40mm

Unlike a regular cigarette, electronic cigarettes don use smoke to deliver the nicotine, only vapor. There a battery inside that heats Omega Watch Geneve

"I put it into the cigarette lighter and this red light comes on to let you know it charging," said Jennie Burton.

Omega Seamaster 40mm

The fire was caused by "a small lithium battery that is commonly found in cameras, camcorders, things of that nature," said Michael Young with the Glendale Fire Department.

Omega Seamaster 40mm

"We get a call over the loud speaker of the hospital: Burton, go to your car, Jennie Burton said.

cigarette charger sparks car fire in AZ

Omega Seamaster 40mm

The car had caught fire, and though it was out by the time Jennie Burton got outside, the damage was already done.

people start to use electronic cigarettes Omega Speedmaster Day Date Chronograph

and as the weather heats up he said you should never leave them unattended.

"This just shot out into the back seat and created the fire," Jennie Burton said, pointing to the tip of the electronic cigarette. "It started smoldering like a hot cigarette and created the fire."

up a magnetic coil to create the vapor. Still, this couple thought nothing of it when they left it in their car to charge.

She and her husband, Lee, headed to the hospital for an appointment and left their electronic cigarette to charge while they were inside. The appointment lasted a couple of hours, longer than expected.

Omega Seamaster 40mm

Omega Seamaster 40mm

But that inattention proved devastating for a Peoria couple when an e cigarette left in a car charger sparked a fire.

Omega Seamaster 40mm

Jennie Burton went outside and realized that the electronic cigarette was not as harmless as she thought.

He said they believe the lithium battery inside the electronic cigarette exploded. He said this is the first case he seen, but as more Omega Seamaster 300m Nato

Omega Seamaster 40mm

Omega Seamaster 40mm

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