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McDermott, a Methodist minister who discovered his knack for song and storytelling 20 years ago, has been writing children's books for six years. His next book, "Otis Steele and the Taileebone!: A Southern Tall Tale," comes out in January. He is from San Antonio, went to school at UT Austin and lives in Fort Worth.

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It's also about overcoming childhood fears, McDermott said. In the end, the ghouls scream "surprise" and "go running back into the hills because you've spoiled their fun."

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"My favorite part of the story is the ending because that's the whole point. They came to scare you and you scared them," McDermott said.

McDermott said a love for curriculum motivated this book and others he's written.

because I think that motivates everything else.

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at the end of the story, make the same thing happen."

people will love them, is one, change the setting and two, change the characters," McDermott told the children. "But then, Omega Speedmaster Ebay

Accompanying himself on guitar, he also got in a few lessons about synonyms, adjectives and how to make a new story out of an old one.

"All you have to do, and you'll sell books out the wazoo because Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Casino Royale Limited Edition

Children's author Tom McDermott shares secrets

"The Ghouls Come Haunting" is an exercise in counting and finding icky adjectives that rhyme with the numbers as the ghouls "come out of the hills and into the town for some thrills."

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"For me, it's a love for curriculum," he said between the two presentations he made Thursday morning at Putegnat. "I want the kids to experience that sense of wonder Omega Constellation Co-axial Chronometer Price

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First clue: "The Ghouls Come Haunting" goes to the same tune as "The Ants Go Marching," (which coincidentally has the identical tune to "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" from the Civil War). Just as the ants go marching, the ghouls come haunting in ones, twos, threes and fours.

"It was a really great story," said Camila Reina, 8, pausing for a long moment before she described it as "awesome" and admitted she was trying to think of a word Omega Constellation Wrist that means the same thing. "I loved the part where the ghouls shout 'surprise.'"

"We're preparing them now for college and the 21st century, she said.

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