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In this situation, the men did not block the sidewalk. Pedestrians and a in a wheelchair were able to pass through the area without any difficulty.

Some cities do have bans on blocking sidewalks, but they are mostly aimed at panhandlers. As long as no one is openly committing crimes, police say their main objective is to keep the peace and balance the right to free speech with the right to walk in public without being impeded.

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Q I know you deal with roads, but are sidewalks included? Omega Watch Latest Model Last Thursday, I was driving by the post office on Miramonte Avenue in Los Altos, and on the sidewalk were two men sitting at a table with an umbrella and big posters of President Barack Obama, depicting him with a Hitler mustache and a sign that read "Stop here to Impeach Obama." I'm a believer in First Amendment free speech, even though this was extremely poor taste. I thought protesters can't park their carcasses on a sidewalk and must continue moving. Is it legal to block a sidewalk?Los Altos

Sue Hersom

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Omega Watch Latest Model

Omega Watch Latest Model

My question has always been where did these bullies expect my car to disappear to? Now that I am permanently in the other lanes, I feel so much more comfortable driving in between two cars going with the speed of traffic, and it feels so much safer. This is not to say that the annoying memory of stop and go commute traffic didn't come rushing back. It's just that I don't feel I am competing in the Grand Prix anymore. Catch me in a month or so, though, and I'm sure I'll be a little grumpier.

When you send your payment back, the DMV will double check what you paid against the amount due. If you inadvertently sent the penalty Omega Seamaster 300m Movement

The vehicle code says that "no person shall park a vehicle within 3 feet of any sidewalk access ramp constructed at, or adjacent to, a crosswalk or at any other location on a sidewalk so as to be accessible to and usable by the physically disabled, if the area adjoining the ramp is designated by either a sign or red paint."

Amit J., Barry Sardis, Carrie McCarthy and many more

A You will not be hit with a late fee. Make sure to read the green insert that comes with your renewal notice. It explains that there is a 30 day grace period from the date your registration was due.

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Check the insert with DMV's notice

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DMV officials say some people have been confused because the renewal notice still shows the original due date. The DMV couldn't make adjustments to the programming that prepares billing notices in time, so it Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean On Wrist

Q I have followed the car registration maneuvers by our Legislature closely, mostly through your column. My registration has a July sticker. Thursday I got a renewal notice that said if I pay after July 2, I'd have to pay some sort of penalty. How is this possible? Can you help?

Q Gary, it was great meeting you and your wife at the Prius party. What a great event! Well, a funny thing has happened. Now that it's been a few Omega Watch Constellation

A In this instance, it was legal. Paul the Traffic Sgt. says "the subjects protesting Obama were exercising their free speech rights and not breaking any laws or ordinances."

days since my husband removed our yellow stickers and my Prius and I have been bumped out of the carpool lane, I feel less tense and more relaxed while driving. Who saw that coming?

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Omega Watch Latest Model

Registration fees due this month were being held up until a budget deal was made and the amount of fees known. The state has started processing renewals for July, and the first ones to receive them will be those whose registration is due before Tuesday.

The truth is that I don't miss the pressure of cars aggressively riding my back bumper trying to intimidate me into speeds of 80 85 mph in the carpool lane. I am by no means a slow driver. I always try to merge into the next lane by putting my blinker on to let the speed demons know I'm trying to move over, but sometimes it just isn't possible.

San Jose

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Omega Watch Latest Model

decided to include the insert.

amount in, you will get a refund. If you pay by Internet, the correct amount due will be calculated regardless of what the notice says.

A It's been more than a week since Sue, myself and 84,998 other hybrid owners with yellow stickers were booted out of the carpool lane. Could it be that the pain of slower commutes has been eased by what Sue is experiencing a less stressful drive? I agree with her that speeders in the carpool lane are a pain in the bumper.

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