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Thats because giraffes, elephants and other beasts are now permanently perched on the newly constructed McDonalds on South Expressway 77/83, all of which are eye catching for passing motorists.

We were very compatible and we worked together very well, Anna Oquin said. Him being more of the technology person and me being the administrative person is what contributed to our success.

Omega Seamaster Black Rubber Strap

They explained to us that they partnered with the university to customize the McDonalds close to campus, and they thought the time was right to partner with the zoo, said Cynthia Galvan, zoo spokeswoman. People might wonder why all these animals are on the roof of the McDonalds, and when you go Omega Speedmaster Limited Edition 2017

I imagined it would be the same old McDonalds, but this is like a safari, said Eric Colorado, manager of the new McDonalds on South Frontage Road. The kids will really enjoy this.

I like the Happy Meals with the little hamburgers, Galvan said. My husbands waiting for the McDonalds to reopen so we can have our breakfast.

Omega Seamaster Black Rubber Strap

The 6,000 square foot facility will have the same capacity as before but looks completely different with an entire jungle scene built Omega Seamaster Black Rubber Strap into the interior to recognize the nearby zoo.

The store, which offers wireless Internet capabilities and a full childrens Play Place is set to open today, but the official grand opening, with zoo animals and a visit from Ronald, wont happen until January.

purchase three McDonalds restaurants and Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50

They started with three restaurants: one on Southmost Boulevard, one at the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College and the one on South Frontage near the zoo. Theyve loved it ever since.

Theres always something different in McDonalds, said Lonnie Oquin. There are always new people to meet.

Owners Lonnie and Anna Oquin decided to rebuild the site earlier this year. Rather than simply update the equipment, the couple wanted an entirely new look.

Anna and Lonnie Oquin started working at a McDonalds in Houston after high school, in 1987 and 1986 respectively, and started dating a year later while they worked at separate branches. They married in 1996.

Zoo officials were glad to participate, knowing a cooperation with the local McDonalds could help increase attendance and community involvement.

Omega Seamaster Black Rubber Strap

Omega Seamaster Black Rubber Strap

Omega Seamaster Black Rubber Strap

The South Frontage location was first opened in 1977 and had begun showing signs of age. The Oquins decided it was time to fix up the old building and dramatically redesign it while they were at it.

Citys oldest McDonalds demolished

now own five. The couple has a long history with the fast food chain. In fact, it was at a McDonalds that they first met.

McDonalds could be your first stop before you enter the zoo or your last stop after you leave, Anna Oquin said. This was the stop where people asked, Wheres the zoo?

We started as a cashier and a grillperson, and we just worked our way up to management, and were now franchisees, Anna Oquin said. Its nothing that dedication and perseverance cant make happen.

Omega Seamaster Black Rubber Strap

Zoo information and brochures will be available inside the restaurant, and several zoo employees are eagerly awaiting the reopening.

Omega Seamaster Black Rubber Strap

Omega Seamaster Black Rubber Strap

Omega Seamaster Black Rubber Strap

The oldest McDonalds in town was demolished in July to make way for a bigger restaurant that would pay tribute to one of the citys major attractions: Gladys Porter Zoo. The store is set to reopen today.

inside, youll realize that it is a short distance away from the Gladys Porter Zoo.

Omega Seamaster Black Rubber Strap

The Oquins moved to Brownsville in 2002 to Omega Speedmaster 45th Anniversary For Sale

Omega Seamaster Black Rubber Strap

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