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Obtaining the 2011 maintenance costs for the same fields was more challenging. After a month spent emailing city officials, who kept passing me onto someone else, I gave up. I did not file a freedom of information request because the costs could be extrapolated from the 2011 budget for parks Omega Speedmaster Ebay

There is no denying sports fields have recently become a cultural landmark in , costly as they are. But the Lawn Bowling Club has been around for over 100 years. It deserves to be recognized for that alone, if not for the fact that it is self sufficient, costing the city nothing in maintenance.

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I am referring to the Water Street Seniors' Centre, which was demolished this year to make way for an expanded yacht club.

bowling club, I wonder if he is aware of the maintenance costs of the numerous sports fields in ?

If Mayor Walter Gray is unaware that the city pays no maintenance for the relatively small piece of land occupied by the Omega Speedmaster Red White Blue

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Further to Byron Nate's letter of July 11 (City Park plan relegates seniors to second class citizens), this is the second instance of Omega Grey Side

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I had already calculated the 2011 maintenance costs to be about $300,000, but had hoped to get a precise cost to compare with the precise revenue.

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Letter to the Editor Posted Jul 24, 2013

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On the whole, users of that facility accepted the loss of their old building gracefully, but most wanted the new facility at Parkinson Recreation Centre to keep the word seniors in its name. The city did not oblige.

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City cruel to seniors

Taking just the Mission Sports Fields as an example (six softball diamonds, six natural sports fields and one artificial turf field), in 2011 the revenue from the fields was $101,931.26.


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Back to lawn bowling in , the club is clearly a cultural landmark in our city. It celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009 75 of those years in City Park. And now Omega Speedmaster 2 park planners propose to replace it with a pond. I'd like to tell these planners to jump in the lake and leave the lawn bowlers to enjoy their sport, which includes many tournaments each year that bring in bowlers from around the Okanagan and beyond,

"Seniors" is not an in word, it seems.

seniors being turfed out of waterfront city property.

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