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Tougher was a query about how many times the Constitution has been amended. Correct answers? One.

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After acing the legal stuff, things went south fast for Peerally, who became a citizen just last year.

corrected himself to "45," when the actual answer is 35.

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The 144 new questions and answers some similar to the ones already asked, some more nuanced will be administered early next year in 10 cities, none in California. Officials will fine tune the results, then use the test nationally in Spring, 2008. Six of 10 is a passing grade. Simpson's "dream team"; San Jose Police Chief Rob Davis; San Jose Mayor elect Chuck Reed; Fremont immigration attorney Shah Peerally; and Carl Braun, state director for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, a group that patrols the border to keep out undocumented immigrants. Supreme Court could be the correct answer, because it has the final say on what the Constitution means.

Some immigrants who want to become Americans will be given a new, more detailed test next year, one designed to gauge not just their memorization skills, but a broader sense of their knowledge of government and history.

"You've got to be kidding me," Davis said. "This is what they're asking people?"

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In its wisdom, MediaNews Omega Seamaster 550 Group accepted either answer.

nailed it: 27. Uelmen and Braun guessed 26. Reed said 23, which is surprising, because he actually carries a copy of the constitution around in his brief case. For the number of voting members in the House of Representatives, he said "498, something like that," instead of the correct 435. And on the age one has to attain to become president, he said: "40," then Omega Seamaster No Date

Citizenship exam to test Omega Seamaster 120 Calypso

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The others mostly answered both those correctly.

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Everyone but Peerally knew that Susan B. Anthony fought for women's rights, and some, including Davis, noted she also adorned a much maligned dollar coin.

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For present citizens who slacked off in high school history class, be glad you were born here. Citizenship and Immigration Service. Wrong answers for volunteer testers did not risk deportation just public shame and humiliation.

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