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Two large digital colour screens feature on the dash, one for the driver while the other features the sat nav, radio and all the other vital information.

An option Omega Seamaster 300 Sedna

Omega Red Strap

There are no conventional light bulbs in the S Class.

Class is a window to the future

Here a prestigious list. Those seatbelt pretensions which hold you in a place during an accident were first seen on an S Class. The same with anti lock brakes. Radar cruise control, front and rear crumple zones, airbags you guessed it it all began in the S Class.

Everything you expect comes standard, like automatic parking, radar cruise control, 18 inch alloys, keyless entry, heated and ventilated front pews, eight airbags along with a suite of cool safety features.

As expected of this ilk, it lavishly appointed. Circular themes have been adopted and the design line swoops around the dash to deliver a feeling of enveloped opulence.

Omega Red Strap

Additional space front and back means greater head, leg and knee room no matter which corner you sit.

Five models have been released with a choice of three engines, while another two powerplants including a hybrid will arrive early next year.

Omega Red Strap

Those pews even have a special fan which operates in both directions, with an ability to suck in the air and expel it to heat and cool the seats faster.

Available front and back, the pews can be armed with 14 separately actuated air cushions in the backrest, as well as an integrated warming function. Choose from six massage programs, and two of them use the warming functions.

For a car of this size and bulk, the S Class feels remarkably light and nimble. It has an ability to shrink around the driver.

in automotive engineering.

From any vantage point the S Class is a sumptuous ride.

Although despite pampering you over the bumps the S Class manages to tackle a bend with confidence and also managed get along nicely with some ultra sharp 0 100kmh sprint times.

Omega Red Strap

incremental improvements which add up to a whole lot of nothing in the noise department.

Even the air conditioning smell can be altered depending on your flight of fancy. Get the "Air Balance" package and you can change the fragrance via a spot in the glovebox to individualise the scent.

Why LEDs? They last longer and are more efficient in fuel consumption gains of 0.05 litres per 100km. Hey, it all adds up.

for the eight cylinder models, and standard on AMGs, is Magic Body Control. This uses radar sensors to analyse the road and prepare the suspension for any undulations or challenges ahead.

Omega Red Strap

Omega Red Strap

We sampled a variety of specifications, some complete with goose down headrests. Then there the comfort seat option, which adopts the hot stone massage principle.

Then there is the 3D sat nav and stereo system with monster 31.2cm screen. It can play just about any file imaginable and has a 10GB hard drive can also hook up to your smartphone for internet access, as well as become a wi fi hot spot for others in the car.

Previous systems have been reactive, but this proactive. And true to its name lives up to the moniker with a magic carpet like ride.

This salubrious sedan is often the forbearer of what to come not just for Mercedes but also other marques around the world.

This latest model is no different. Innovation and technological wizardry lives up to the name "sonderklasse" from which S Class is derived meaning special class. It almost needs Bruce McAvaney to do it justice.

Omega Red Strap

About 500 LEDs do the job, including about 300 inside the cabin. You can even choose between seven internal hues depending on what takes your fancy.

Omega Red Strap

Omega Red Strap

Mercedes doesn roll a new S Class off the line every couple of years. It nearly a decade between models and each is a milestone Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronometer

Omega Red Strap

There is no noise from the drivetrain, just some tyre rumble as it cossets the occupants over the bumps and lumps. It all aided by electronically adjustable engine mounts, reduced body openings and a multitude of Omega Constellation Co-axial Chronometer Price

This S Class is lighter too, with about 50% aluminium parts yet torsional rigidity has improved. Copper wiring has been replaced with aluminium wiring. That Omega Red Strap combined wiring length has also been reduced, down to a combined total of about 5km.

The air conditioning system can even uses solar sensors, combined with GPS data to analyse the sun elevation and position, to help regulate the various cabin zones.

Omega Red Strap

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