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The city of Abilene provides housing for at least three employees who pay nominal rent in exchange for being on hand to provide security and address problems at water utility sites.

Abilene isn the only local governmental entity that has housed caretakers on site.

Tasa Watts.

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In Jones County the city owns residential property on Arrow Point Road, which is a few hundred feet from the shoreline of Lake Fort Phantom Hill. Public records indicate the property is or has been occupied by lake patrol officers.

It is unclear based on further searches of Jones and Taylor county appraisal district records where the other four city owned residences are.

Employees have lived on the properties years, Messer said, relaying information provided by Ronnie Kidd, the city managing director for administration.

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The city of Midland owns two homes at well fields that supply residents with groundwater.

Security initiative of protecting those sites.

The city water utilities department has measures in place including housing on site employees and security fences to help protect against potential terrorist attacks, contaminants entering the water supply or other calamities that would affect Abilene water, city officials said Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Gmt recently.

Other common exemptions exist for those who work in the clergy or the military and are housed on site on their employer property.

The city has six such residential properties all sites with water utility and infrastructure operations and three of the houses are occupied, said Kelley Messer, assistant city attorney.

Employees usually don have to claim employer provided or subsidized rent as taxable under a smattering of exemptions, including if housing is provided a benefit to the employer, not the employee, said Ray Ferguson, managing partner at Condley Company, an auditing, accounting and tax planning firm in Abilene.

The city website notes the Abilene Treatment Plant, a water treatment center that been closed for years, sits at 7566 Penney Lane. The city also owns a 1,423 square foot house at 7534 Penney Lane, according to records from the Taylor County Central Appraisal District.

School District Shotwell Stadium housed various maintenance workers off and on from 1959 until about 2004 or said Joe Humphrey, construction coordinator for AISD.

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City of Abilene employees pay nominal rent for living in city

There are no other city owned houses in Taylor County that the appraisal district has coded as residential property.

Roysden said they help travelers when issues or problems arise, such as flat tires or maintenance troubles, and they patrol to make sure burn bans and other rules are enforced.

The park manager and assistant park manager live in two houses on park grounds so they constantly available to campers staying overnight.

The market value of the rent that would typically be paid by the employee is not reported as taxable income, which complies with IRS guidelines, Messer said.

The older the apartment got, the more expensive it became to maintain, Humphrey said, and the district decided to remove it when the stadium was renovated with bond election money starting in 2004.

The employees didn pay rent or utilities to live there because their duties included watching over the stadium at night and on the weekends.

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got to be here to make sure everyone follows the rules and doesn put the park or other campers in danger, Roysden said. campers feel more secure if they know an employee is on site. by other midsized Texas cities vary on providing similar housing to employees.

A small apartment above the dressing rooms at Abilene Independent Omega Speedmaster Blue Titanium

don get the idea that they had a plushy penthouse on top of the dressing room, Humphrey said. penthouse it was not. Abilene State Park also houses employees on site, said Shannon Roysden, office manager.

City officials declined to say where the houses are, noting that disclosing such information would undermine its Homeland Omega Seamaster 300 Wave

The Abilene water utilities employees live on site preserve Homeland Security initiatives and really provide security for the water utility infrastructure, Messer said.

Both are occupied by city of Midland employees, who don pay rent or utilities, said spokeswoman Omega Speedmaster Professional Wrist

Having the employees live at the properties makes it easier for them to do their jobs, enhances security and allows water utility employees to respond quickly if and when problems arise, she said.

For example, employees who live at offshore oil rigs do so for the benefit of the employer, since having employees on hand enables them to do their work quickly and reduces transportation costs. Those employees are generally exempt from having to claim their free rent as income on their taxes, Ferguson said.

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Three of the six residential properties are vacant there is not a critical need right now to have somebody at those locations, Messer said.

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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Gmt

The employees acted as night watchmen before there were security cameras, Humphrey said.

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