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Ciudad Mier residents move out

Churches and charities across the Rio Grande Valley have taken supplies over to the refugees who remain in Miguel Alemn. Their relatives in Roma take food, water and blankets across, as well.

But city officials in Miguel Alemn confirmed that few Mier residents have left the refugee camp set up at the city's Lions Club. More than 300 people have sought shelter there, leaving their community a ghost town.

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Mayor Servando Lopez Moreno said this month. Lopez Moreno did not return several calls seeking comment last week.

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"It's very sad these days," the woman said in Spanish.

Local officials have documented least 110 kidnappings since February, the report states.

Without police control, local government ceased to conduct its daily activities. A shootout between Mexican army soldiers and cartel gunmen ensued in front of a school on the city's south side, "provoking chaos" and leaving casualties on both sides.

More than 50 percent of the town's 6,500 residents fled after the cartel violence ensued. In recent weeks, the number of people displaced has climbed. Those who have fled estimate only a few hundred people remain in Mier.

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The town's police station and three vehicles were reportedly burned during an Oct. 15 attack, leaving only charred remains behind.

Beyond the refugee camp, school officials in Roma report 295 new students were enrolled across the district at the end of October as much as a tenfold increase from most years. Most of the new pupils are recent immigrants from Mexico, district spokesman Ricardo Perez said. So far, the district has been able to absorb the new students without problems.

Gonzalez's 12 year old nephew, Jorge, recounted one afternoon when gunfire and grenade blasts erupted on his street in Mier.

Mexican military officials announced last week that about 3,000 soldiers, naval forces and federal Omega Seamaster 300 James Bond police, were being deployed to the towns along the Frontera Chica to provide security so displaced residents could return home.

Photos from Ciudad Mier show homes, downtown structures and other buildings whose faades have been pockmarked as if by a bad case of acne. Even the town's centerpiece, a sandstone church whose construction dates to 1784, has been scarred by the gunfire. Other photos show bodies or severed limbs in the streets. In one, the bloody torso of a man hangs from a tree in the city square, his arms and legs cut off.

"If this continues unabated, then we will begin experiencing some difficulty with regards to resources and whatnot," Perez said.

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"The people who went to Miguel Alemn were the ones who had nowhere else to go," said Roma City Manager Cris Salinas.

"I thought I was going to die," Jorge said.

Jorge said he hid under a bed. His brother stayed in a closet during the two hour battle.

A church employee in Escobares said fellow parishioners had been taking blankets and food to the refugee camp. But a shootout in Miguel Alemn on Wednesday and threats that the Lions Club would be targeted for a possible bomb attack prompted them to halt the relief effort.

Since Feb. 22, the report states, school classes have been suspended in the city. Widespread and erratic shootouts pushed scared parents to keep their children home.

quinceaeras and such have ceased in Mier. curfew.

A wave of refugees has flooded Mier's eastern neighbor Miguel Alemn in recent weeks the last holdouts of terrorized citizenry from Mier who, under order from the Zetas, finally packed up and left after the Nov. 5 slaying of Ezequiel "Tony Tormenta" Crdenas Guillen, the head of the Gulf Cartel.

Officials in Roma said the exodus to their city from Mier has carried on since fighting across the border picked up in the spring. before June.

it was 30 people, but then it went up to 60, 100, and now we have 300 that came here," Miguel Alemn Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Price

As is the case in nearby Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, public social activities baptisms, family reunions, weddings, Omega Speedmaster Vs Tudor Black Bay

What remains unclear is the effect the erratic battles may have on ordinary residents caught amid the crossfire.

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An eight page internal report written by a Mier city official on Nov. 7 two days after Tony Tormenta's death chronicles the town's demise, which began that late winter night. that day. And before dawn the next day, suspected drug cartel members traveling in some 40 trucks overtook Mier's City Hall, kidnapped the city's police force and took their weapons.

More kidnappings were reported in the city and about 10 houses were burned, the report states.

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Many of Gonzalez's relatives and friends remained at the impromptu refugee camp in Miguel Alemn, he said. Earlier this year, though, his sister in law moved to the apartment in Roma's Los Saenz neighborhood. Now, he was helping her to clean out the two bedroom unit.

Medical services in the town have mostly ceased, with clinics shutting their doors during firefights and no emergency services available after the nightly curfew. Anyone with an emergency in Mier must drive 25 minutes to Miguel Alemn and face the risk of getting caught in the crossfire along the way, the report states.

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