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MERRIMACK The smell of honey roasted ham wafted through the Merrimack Fire Station late Sunday afternoon. But, even as they prepared the department's Christmas dinner, the firefighters weren't sure they would be around long enough to enjoy it.

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Christmas similar to most work days for Merrimack firefighters

"You might think it would be quiet because there's less traffic on the roads, but it doesn't work like that," said Lt. Rick Barrows, who spent the day manning the department's sub station on Naticook Road.

Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Kw/V6f V2

Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Kw/V6f V2

Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Kw/V6f V2

"None of it takes a day off just because it's Christmas," added Dan Heffernan, a department emergency management technician, outfitted in a celebratory Santa hat.

But the firefighters don't mind, they said. There will be family time at home later, but on Christmas Day, they celebrate with their fire department brethren.

"We'll probably sit down to eat for 10 minutes before a call comes in," Capt. Shawn Allison, the shift commander, said with a laugh Sunday. "Just once, it Omega Speedmaster 40th Anniversary Limited Edition

On Christmas, like many other days throughout the year, Merrimack neighbors and other residents drop in to offer coffee, doughnuts and cookies, among other food items. "The community's always great about that, but especially on Christmas," said Heffernan.

"It's just like any other day. The equipment has to be ready to respond as well as the people," Barrows said.

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Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Kw/V6f V2

The firefighters have grown accustomed to working on Christmas, and their families come to understand it, as well, making the Omega Speedmaster Ladies Price

Each year, the firefighters on duty Christmas Day try to hold a holiday dinner at the fire house. Between calls, they roast a ham and turkey, and spouses come by with side dishes. But, more often than not, as they sit down for dinner, a call will come in, leaving the firefighters to duty and the food to cool.

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would be nice not to have to heat up the food out of the refrigerator."

Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Kw/V6f V2

needed arrangements.

Ryan Thomas, a two year veteran of the department, celebrated Saturday night, enjoying a Christmas Eve dinner at his uncle's home in Brookline, Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Kw/V6f V2 and Allison, the shift captain, planned to head north Monday to Littleton to celebrate with his mother and other family members.

Later in the afternoon, the firefighters' spouses and families would drop by with vegetables, potatoes and other side dishes. But, the families generally don't stay long. They're typically on their way to other Christmas gatherings.

By noon Sunday, fire crews had responded to four calls three medical calls and one possible gas leak. And they expected more throughout the afternoon.

"A lot of the indicators are that (the number of emergencies) would be down, but you can never tell," he said. Sunday and ending Monday morning.

"As long as the presents are there, it doesn't seem to matter (when we celebrate)," he said with a laugh. "We know what's important."

the best of it."

Staff members aren't specifically assigned the Christmas Day shift. Instead, it is considered part of the regular weekly rotation, and Dec. 25 is scheduled like any other day, full of the same equipment checks, medical calls and follow up paperwork.

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"When we're here this is our family," Allison said. "I spend more time with them than I do my real family. It's not a bad way to celebrate. We make Omega Speedmaster With Diamonds

Around the fire house, there weren't any wrapped presents Sunday. The only apparent signs of Christmas were the candy canes spread throughout the garage area and the range of food waiting in the station's kitchen quarters.

On the whole, Christmas Day isn't any more or less busy than other days on the calendar. But, it is just as unpredictable, the firefighters said.

Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Kw/V6f V2

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