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in the road to ease the problem.

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Omega Speedmaster Black Leather Strap

Omega Speedmaster Black Leather Strap

Omega Speedmaster Black Leather Strap

She added: "I felt under duress. He told me I had to get the money in the next five minutes or my car would be towed away. I was really panicking. I am only 4ft 11in and he was well over 6ft."

He then had to drive his mother, who had a broken neck, from Crawley to Tunbridge Wells to pay the charge because the clampers would not accept payment over the phone.

She said: "On one side I saw the signs saying no parking and to not block the delivery entrance. I looked at the wall next to where my car was and saw no signs."

Michael Smith, from Crawley, said he was "furious" after his wife's car was towed away with their dog inside after she parked there for 12 minutes.

Omega Speedmaster Black Leather Strap

The amount charged Omega Watches Diamonds

of people who have fallen foul of National Parking Management, whose prices have been dubbed "inconsistent".

Omega Speedmaster Black Leather Strap

But Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has been bombarded with complaints and is trying to ease the situation by claiming ownership of a lay by in the road.

includes a call out fee of even if the clampers' van does not have to move.

Omega Speedmaster Black Leather Strap

The situation at Coronation Parade, a private road in the centre of the town, has got so bad the council is now trying to claim ownership of a lay by Omega Seamaster For Ladies

CONTROVERSIAL clampers are targeting motorists in Tunbridge Wells with "excessive" charges of up to Courier investigations have uncovered a string Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Michael Phelps

Mr Smith said: "You wouldn't pay that much in the centre of London. Spokesman Amy Balchin said it did not have the power to investigate companies but that the Home Office was looking at the level of fees that can be charged. There are also proposals that companies will have to be licensed, she said.

It is quite clear that NPM are a bunch of cowboys skulking behind the preposterious laws of this land. If only we wer ein Scotland then these individuals would no't be allowed to operate.

He added: "We have made contact with National Parking Management expressing our concerns over the nature of the enforcement in the area and that it appears that the charges levied are excessive and inconsistent, but have not received any suitable response to date."

National Parking Management declined to comment. A neighbour was also clamped in the same location the weekend before. The area in question is the forecourt of an empty shop (empty since Novemeber 2008) which still had NPM signs on the wall. I spoke to the owner of the shop who had rented the property and had a 'casual aggreement' with the clampers, he told me not to pay and to call the police. Unfortunately, I had to pay the fine as the price was set to increase and I had checked the van drivers SIA licence number was valid. Also, working as a local GP i needed my car for home visits. I then contacted the owner of the empty shop who had no idea what had been going on.

It claimed a metal plate, on which it declared its intention to claim the lay by, has been removed.

Omega Speedmaster Black Leather Strap

The private road is owned by two people who live in London, according to the Land Registry.

Clampers declare war on Tunbridge Wells motorists with fines of up to

Omega Speedmaster Black Leather Strap

Omega Speedmaster Black Leather Strap

I also appealed quoting unreasonable cost and the fact that there was no valid clamping contract, that appeal was rejected as NPM claim to have written evidence of a current contract. I would be interested to hear if Omega Speedmaster Black Leather Strap anybody else is considering a small claims appeal.

Cllr Paul Barrington King said: "Until the council has proved its case to the satisfaction of the Land Registry the clamping company can claim it is not acting unlawfully, and has a legitimate right to operate on the land, and may be entitled to clamp vehicles which are parked without permission on the basis of the warning notices being displayed."

Ms Mathias was forced to ask friends to transfer the money into two separate bank accounts so she could pay in cash.

Omega Speedmaster Black Leather Strap

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