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Ardoyno said City University started when organizers Omega Watches Price In Pakistan were challenged to come up with ways to give residents more access to city government.

"There's not a facet of the city that we do not bring in at some point," Ardoyno said.

Omega Watches Price In Pakistan

"I haven't heard of a lot of people being as successful as we have been," she said. "Tyler has a similar program; that's what we based it on."

"It was a tremendous program," said Jim Tredennick, who graduated from the class in May. "I Omega Speedmaster Apollo 17 45th Anniversary

Omega Watches Price In Pakistan

Ardoyno said another goal is to get people interested in applying to work on boards or commissions.

learned a lot of information about things I didn't really realize city government was involved in."

the staff."

Omega Watches Price In Pakistan

Omega Watches Price In Pakistan

Omega Watches Price In Pakistan

"One was to give everybody access to the city, help them understand the workings," she said. "Also how to access the city to help them with concerns they have."

"The one thing that impressed me the most was the level of education and expertise of the individuals who work for the city, how they are perfectly suited for the job they are performing," she said. "It's amazing to see the level of intelligence for those jobs."

Omega Watches Price In Pakistan

City University graduates are unanimous in expressing their amazement at the variety of things city of Abilene employees accomplish and how well they do their jobs.

Omega Watches Price In Pakistan

A variety of people, from business owners to college students to retirees, apply for the 30 or so spots each Omega Speedmaster Racing 2017

"We have yet to have anything but rave reviews," said Janet Ardoyno, who oversees the program. "People are amazed and impressed that the city accomplishes all it does and with the quality of Omega Speedmaster 3592

Goals of the class are many, Ardoyno said.

The class is being offered for the sixth year. City University is not a "real" university, but rather a nine month course that leads participants through the inner workings of city government.

Participants tour the city and gain a perspective of where Abilene is going.

If they miss a session, the city will notify them when that session is held the following year so they can attend if they wish.

In March, various board openings are discussed, and a panel of department heads and board members visit the class so that students can get an idea of the input and time commitment required for service.

Omega Watches Price In Pakistan

"I couldn't pick one highlight," Tredennick said. "Every single meeting was a highlight and didn't last long enough. The water department is amazing, and we're fortunate to have the zoo that we have."


They visit various city departments, see projects that generate revenue and review how the budget comes together. Panels of city leaders visit the class.

A new class will get the opportunity to see the various city departments in action when City University gets under way Sept. 16.

The only hard and fast requirement is a commitment to the time necessary for the course.

City University impresses grads of Abilene program

Frances Sooter, who also just completed the class, got the same impression.

Class members must attend at least seven of the nine sessions to graduate.

Omega Watches Price In Pakistan

Omega Watches Price In Pakistan

Omega Watches Price In Pakistan

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