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Stumping for Lamontange on Tuesday in Hudson, Christie said Democratic candidate for governor Maggie Hassan and President Barack Obama believe in a bigger, more intrusive government.

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And Christie mocked Obama who last week said he discovered after his first two years you can't change partisan gridlock in Washington from the inside but have to mobilize the support of Americans to make progress on an agenda.

"I say to the job creators of this state or people looking to start a small business here, if you create a new job, you are going to be exempt from the business enterprise tax for the next five years," Lamontagne said.

"Our experience in New Jersey can validate, for Omega Speedmaster 40mm all of you here in New Hampshire, that certain things will work and there are things you never want to try," Christie said. Legislature for four years, ex Senate Majority Leader Hassan supported 99 increases in taxes and fees.

A Hassan campaign spokesman said it's Lamontagne who would hurt wmiddle class families by not Omega Watch Prices

Christie pointed out that he became governor in a Democratic dominated state that went for Obama by 700,000 votes in 2008.

"We already did the Maggie Hassan experiment," Christie said. "This is the crazed liberal experiment Omega Speedmaster Red Strap

"Mr. President. You live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. If you can't change Washington from the White House, then get on a plane and go back to Chicago where you belong," Christie added.

New Hampshire Democratic Party officials also noted while Christie touts the creation of 90,000 jobs while he's been in office, New Jersey's jobless rate Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Quantum Of Solace

He touted his plan to cut the tax on corporate profits to 8 percent from 8.5 percent and offer employers a five year credit from the business enterprise tax if they hire new employees.

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Christie said he advised Romney to pay no attention to liberal media attacks against him.

In the eight years before he came into office in 2009, Democratic governors and Legislatures before him raised taxes and fees 115 times, Christie said.

brought to life."

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Later at a partisan rally in Atkinson, Christie and former New Hampshire Gov. Steve Merrill ramped up their attacks on Hassan for having once endorsed an income tax in 2002.

If elected, he has said he will reject any state tax and fee increases to balance the next two year state budget.

HUDSON New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says Republican Ovide Lamontagne and presidential candidate Mitt Romney would get government out of the way, allowing for small businesses to thrive.

"Ovide is embracing an education agenda even more extreme and hurtful to our middle class families than Chris Christie," Craig added."

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Hassan has pledged she would veto an income tax, but Merrill insisted it's not credible.

"Any state whose motto is Live Free or Die. I gotta tell you, I don't know how you ever elected a Democrat to be governor, I don't," Christie said. "Oh, the Massachusetts transplants. Alright, I can see that."

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"Maggie has a proven record of fiscal responsibility. At the height of the recession, she partnered with Gov. Lynch to cut state spending and balance the budget, without an income or sales tax and while protecting our priorities, including education," said communications director Will Craig.

Christie told employees of Atrium Medical Corp., a Hudson medical device company, that Hassan's record as a state senator of supporting higher taxes, fees and spending increases threatens to turn New Hampshire into what New Jersey was before he became governor.

remains well above the national average at close to 10 percent.

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Christie told reporters that Romney survived a "bad week" on the campaign trail but said the GOP nominee is back to the central themes that Obama has failed on the economy and that Americans are worse off than they were four years ago.

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restoring cuts to higher education and leaving open that he might reject federal aid for public schools.

Christie stumps for Lamontagne at Atrium Medical in Hudson

"You may remember when I first ran for governor, I ran against the income tax queen, Arnie Arnesen. Maggie Hassan is a direct descendant of the queen," Merrill said.

Christie said state government under Democratic control in his state from 2000 08 had no job growth and he blamed that on higher taxes and spending.

He pointed out that state budget cuts in New Jersey led to a $1 billion increase in local property taxes after Christie vowed his initiatives would not raise local taxes.

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