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Moore and Meeks both feel that, like Philadelphia, the key to solving these crimes is not only getting people in the community to come forward with information, but also their willingness to stand behind it in court. Moore said people are reluctant to come forward. He and Meeks both said witnesses are afraid of being seen as snitches. Meeks and Moore see coming forward to help police solve a crime as everyone's civic duty.

because of community policing, said 29 year veteran Fort Wayne Police Lt. Dan Meeks of the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Omega Seamaster 120m Price

Omega Seamaster 120m Price

Solving a homicide in Fort Wayne on average, Moore said, takes a year of rounding up evidence, including the lab work, and witnesses to get a killer off the street. Police would like to arrest people sooner, and they generally know who did it long before they can arrest him. But getting a case to stick means prosecutors must have all the evidence in hand before they go to trial, and under Indiana law a suspect has a right to a speedy trial. This means the suspect can be held for only 60 days. The victim's family often has a long, frustrating wait before they can get closure.

say in 90 percent of the cases we know what the motives are, whether they are gang related or drug related. I don't think a lot of those get reported to the UCR (the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, a reporting system from which the data was drawn), especially the gang related ones, said Moore. He pointed out that it could be a gang retaliation killing, but the way it gets reported doesn't reflect that.

These rates reflect when the homicides were solved, not the year of the homicide, so the number of homicides occurring in a single year could be higher.

TV they can get DNA off anything, and Superman can fly; that isn't the way it is in the real world, Moore said. According to the data, in Allen County, a higher number of African American men ages 25 34 were killed in homicides than any other racial group, and that number is higher than national average. Meeks and Moore find it troubling because they don't really know why.

Meeks suggested it changes from year to year, but the data covers almost 30 years. have looked at that a lot over the past six years because I keep records on the homicides, and far and above the majority of the homicides are happening in the southeast quadrant of the city, and most of those are black on black crime, said Moore.

Moore agrees the majority of homicides in the United States and Fort Wayne are committed by using a handgun. However, the data shows homicides committed with a shotgun or rifle are more frequently solved.

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troubled by some factors, including the rate of young African American men who are homicide victims and the majority of the killings in the southeast quadrant.

According to the database, the Fort Wayne Police Department had 577 homicides 1980 2008. Of those, 389 were solved, or 67 percent, compared to 63 percent nationally. From 2000 to 2008, 66 percent were solved, compared to 56 percent nationally.

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Omega Seamaster 120m Price

hard to keep a number; we have so many gang members involved in narcotics trade and turf wars, Moore said. there is a female involved it could get listed as a domestic, even though it could be between two rival gang members. It's hard to keep track. We would have to keep separate stats. We know they are gang members even though they will not admit their affiliation to us, or their mothers. I think that's why you see departments shying away from calling them gang homicides. other problem with the data, Moore points out, is that not all police departments use the same set of criteria for how they categorize a homicide.

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According to a recent Scripps Howard News Service investigation, Fort Wayne has a slightly higher rate of homicides solved than the national average. But the numbers don't tell the whole story, with detectives Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer

Omega Seamaster 120m Price

Robbery and Homicide Division. have a lot of people back in the neighborhoods getting intelligence about things, because they personally know who's in that neighborhood; it's similar to what we were doing 12 years ago, said Meeks.

are easier to get and conceal; that's the easy answer, said Moore reflecting on why there are more homicides committed with handguns. He said killings involving shotguns and rifles are solved more often because the people who go to the trouble of killing someone with a shotgun or rifle are more easily seen and generally have a visible motive.

Still, it is puzzling that a small city like Fort Wayne would have a lower rate of homicides solved than a large city like Philadelphia, which has a 79 percent rate.

City's homicide statistics have police concerned

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are three ways to solve a homicide: good strong physical evidence, eyewitnesses and confessions, Moore said. Confessions, he said, aren't always reliable because they can be retracted. There is not always physical evidence. For example, in a drive by shooting, someone fires a few rounds from a moving car, leaving no fingerprints or DNA. Moore said lack of physical evidence with juries has become an issue. Jurors expect police to have the same kind of evidence they see on a forensic TV drama. When that doesn't happen, a defense attorney can make the jury believe the police aren't doing their job and it Omega Gold Watches For Men

is much harder to convict the suspect.

A search can be done for demographic details, circumstance, method, weapon choice and by police department. Scripps Howard found in many of America's cities, fewer than half of all homicide cases are Omega Seamaster 120m Price solved. According to the database, cases are more likely to go unsolved both nationally and locally when the motive is undetermined. In Fort Wayne, 50 percent of the undetermined motive cases of homicide were solved, while nationally only 36 percent were. Twenty five year veteran, Fort Wayne Police Sgt Carl Moore a supervisor in the robbery and homicide division, finds the information interesting, but not totally accurate.

Scripps Howard spent the last year wading through FBI data on homicides in the USA and compiled a database for searches by county and the nation, and some cities, on the number of homicides and how many have been solved from 1980 to 2008.

Omega Seamaster 120m Price

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