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8. I believe Special Constables or employed non police officer staff could be employed to monitor the "be aware" web page and look for consistent offending, example ; how many complaints about a particular car with no tax disp

Omega Seamaster Rubber Strap 20mm

Omega Seamaster Rubber Strap 20mm

point for the public so they may speak to officers directly, or via ; the local web page, or at monthly meetings set up at the local KCC library, or other local Council offices, or buildings.

5. I would like the dedicated 101 non emergency telephone line advertised more thoroughly at Libraries, Council offices, Schools, shopping centers, on police, ambulance, fire vehicles, or taxis, and buses, etc.

This page would be where the public would be invited to submit complaints about perceived anti social behavior, speeding cars in or by their homes, or other anti social behavior.

I believe the FOI should openly display the number of officers employed in any given area, and whether they have "other" part time work (declared or known to K P).

That site could be potentially operated by the Freedom of Information office at Kent Police, as part of disclosure of Freedom of Omega Speedmaster Michael Schumacher Limited Edition 2002

3. A "nuisance page" with minor but aggravating anti social behavior page such as , lighting fires during the day, or loud music playing all day, or dogs running loose.

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Omega Seamaster Rubber Strap 20mm

This page would show how the Police have recognized, acted, and considered the Public role in providing the information that resulted in a notice, charge, or conviction.

7. I would look to have Community police officers dedicated to an area of known "high police maintenance", (lots of complaints etc).

Mrs Croucher, who is married to a policeman and has two young children, said she was now Omega White Ceramic Watch

1. A "complaints page".

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I would ask the Police officers to demonstrate and acknowledge the public involvement by commenting on the web page how that information has assisted the Police in obtaining a conviction, or a caution, or other results.

This would be set up and be monitored and evaluated by non police staff, local council partners (ASBU) unit, or Special Constables, and written advice letter could Omega Seamaster Rubber Strap 20mm follow to the alleged perpetrators.

contemplating suing Kent Police.


6. I would set up and ask (via a web page) the community for ideas on policing, how they believe it could be improved in their area, and what concerns them most in their area, what would they like to see, example more officers on the beat?

4. I would want a "result page".

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Also I would look to have a dedicated "be aware" telephone number to report alleged crime if the public does not have access to a home computer, or is unable to attend a library computer.

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Cleared officer is to run for commissioner

2. A "be advised page"

How many Police officers have Cycles, or walk the beat, the list goes on it is not contentious, it is simple information that should be displayed to the public without the need for the public to apply and pay fees to get that information, it is only facts.

I would set up Special constables, and Local dedicated Police officers to follow up the be advised information page, remember the alleged perpetrators will also see the site and will no doubt act, hopefully by taxing the car etc.

How many vehicles do K P have, (marked or unmarked) and their use.

I would want those officers to have a contact Omega Watches Uk

As well as monitoring performance, commissioners will set the priorities for tackling crime. They will also have the power to hire and fire chief constables.

Asked whether her reputation had been damaged by the affair, Mrs Croucher said: "Of course it has. There are people out there who will think there's no smoke without fire, but the fact is I've been cleared by a district judge who examined the evidence."

This page is where the public would be invited to submit information about perceived car tax dodgers in their area, example ; no tax disc displayed, or dumped vehicles on public roads.

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But a notice of by the public may be enough to convince the alleged perpetrators from not continuing their alleged anti social behavior.

Omega Seamaster Rubber Strap 20mm

It must be remembered all the above are complaints, or notices, of allegations simply that, not a crime it will require further evidence to support a action, or charge by the police, or later prosecution by the CPS.

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