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"People come and enjoy the afternoon. They are outside smoking. You have two types of smokers, there are those that do it when they wake up and at lunch, and the social smokers that smoke when they are out having a drink with their friends. We've got a lot of those types of customers here and yes, it will affect our place of business," Castorena.

"The feedback I have received is all positive. I haven't received anything negative yet, but I am sure there will be some individuals that will oppose it," Zamora said.

Castorena also questions if approved, if the city will be able to enforce such a ban since it will basically affect all bars and areas where the public gathers. He mentioned a smoking ban that was mandated at the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas campus that was implemented nearly two years ago.

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where the general public has access. The commissioner said she has received some feedback on what the city is trying to do.

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City proposal could outlaw tobacco use in public places

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The city's current smoking ordinance prohibits smoking in restaurants and all other commercial businesses except Omega Speedmaster Automatic

Jorge Castorena, owner of Adolios, a restaurant cafe located at Sunrise Mall, sees the pros and cons of such a ban. Castorena, personally does not like smoking, but says if such a ban is implemented there is a possibility it could affect his business.

"There are no exemptions. You can smoke in your home and your private business if your employer allows, but no public places or restaurants," said District 3 City Commissioner Melissa Zamora, who has been working on the revised ordinance for about a year, along with Public Health Director Art Rodriguez.

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Adolios has a patio outside the restaurant where people can sit outside and eat, drink and smoke. If the ban is instated, people wanting to smoke there would have to been about 20 feet away, which would put them in the mall parking lot.

The proposed ordinance would prohibit smoking Omega Speedmaster Dark in Omega Speedmaster Titanium Blue Dial

Zamora said she had been approached by several people that asked if something could be done that would prohibit smoking Omega Seamaster Professional 300m James Bond

In addition, in outdoor common areas of nursing homes, excepted in designated smoking area, a smoker must be 20 feet outside the entrance of the building, the proposal states.

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"The enforcement on that hasn't been thorough. You still see people smoking. You still see that everywhere. Are we just wasting our time or are they really going to push it (the enforcement)," Castorena said.

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bars, bingo halls, convention centers, educational facilities, health care facilities, game rooms, shopping malls and city buildings. It would also ban smoking in sports arenas and at bus stops.

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Rodriguez was out of town last week and could not be reached for comment. at City Hall.

those that operate primarily as bars and whose gross sales of alcohol exceed 51 percent of total business reviews.

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