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With schools Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Gmt 600m

around the state back in session, public health officials are asking parents and schools to talk with children about never handling live or dead bats.

In 2006, children walking to school in Boise found a bat, which they took to school and exposed a number of other curious children to the potentially deadly rabies disease.

are sometimes bitten in their sleep without feeling it. Any bat found in a home should be tested for rabies if there is any suspicion that an exposure to a person or pet might have occurred.

is very important for parents to teach children to never handle a bat, or any other unfamiliar wild or domestic animal, even if they appear friendly, says Dr. Leslie Tengelsen, Idaho Deputy State Epidemiologist. let them bring bats into show and tell, and teach children to report any contact with a bat to an adult right away.

If you come in contact with a bat, save it in a non breakable container if it is alive, or sealed and double bagged in clear plastic bags without touching it; always wear thick gloves. Call your public health district to determine whether testing the bat for rabies is indicated. If it is determined that you or your pet may be at risk of exposure to rabies, testing of the bat is a free service.

Omega Seamaster Electric Blue Quartz

Omega Seamaster Electric Blue Quartz

Bats play an important role in our environment. While most Omega Speedmaster 40mm Vs 42mm

Parents should teach their children to avoid bats, never bring them to school for show and tell, and to let an adult know if they find one.

Omega Seamaster Electric Blue Quartz

Omega Seamaster Electric Blue Quartz

Rabies is deadly for pets, too. Always vaccinate your dogs, cats, ferrets, and horses even indoor pets could be exposed to rabies Omega Seamaster Electric Blue Quartz if a bat gets into a home.

Omega Seamaster Electric Blue Quartz

Do not touch a bat with your bare hands. If you have had contact with a bat or wake up to find a bat in your room, seek medical advice immediately. The teeth of a bat are very small and people Omega Seamaster Cosmic

should call their healthcare providers immediately if they have been bitten or scratched by a bat. Medical management of people after an animal bite is extremely effective in preventing rabies, a virtually 100% fatal infection, says Dr. Tengelsen.

Omega Seamaster Electric Blue Quartz

bats are harmless and do not carry rabies, they are the only animal in Idaho that is a natural reservoir for the virus and should be appreciated from a distance.

To protect yourself and your pets, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare offers these tips:

Omega Seamaster Electric Blue Quartz

Omega Seamaster Electric Blue Quartz

children about handling bats

It is extremely important for people to avoid bats or other wild animals that appear sick or are acting aggressively or abnormally.

Omega Seamaster Electric Blue Quartz

Omega Seamaster Electric Blue Quartz

Omega Seamaster Electric Blue Quartz

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