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days pay for every year 16 years and beyond. That's on top of their juicy pension plan.

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According to the collective agreement, workers hired prior to 1995 get unused sick day payouts at retirement equal to 25% of unused sick days. They also get a severance pay equal to one day's pay for each year they worked up to 15 years, and two Omega Black

City workers would be wise to nix strike

And the truth is, even if they do get a short term wage freeze, their salaries over time would Omega Watch Online still be in line with inflation, not something a lot of folks in the private sector can boast.

City workers hired after 1995 don't get unused sick time payouts. But they still get a severance of one day's pay for every year they worked like their senior counterparts.

Local 500's last three year contract ended Dec. 31. Workers received salary increases of 2%, 2.2% and 3% according to the collective agreement. The contract prior to that they got 1.75% and 2.25%.

CUPE Local 500 workers get their first official look at a proposed contract Thursday before they vote on it Friday. I wouldn't be surprised if the first year or two includes a wage freeze, followed by two years of cost of living increases. That's more or less in line with what most public sector unions are being offered these days.

All told, that's an annual average increase of 2.3%.

At the very least, then, city workers salaries are keeping pace with inflation.

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So they really don't have much to strike about when they decide Friday whether to accept or reject the city's latest offer. The city has confirmed that the proposed contract is a four year one that contains some level of pay increase. It also includes provisions to beef up their pension plans.

So I doubt there would be too much sympathy for city workers should they choose to turn down the city's latest offer. They would get even less sympathy if they voted to strike. The fact is, when it comes to salary, benefits and job security, city workers are far better off than most people who pay their wages.

Even if City of Winnipeg workers do get a short term wage freeze, they'd still be far better off than most people who work for a living.

Local 500 workers have excellent benefits and a great pension plan. They can even accumulate unused sick days from one year to the next. They get 15 sick days a year. Not bad.

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of salary freezes followed by two years of cost of living increases would still keep workers wages roughly in line with inflation over the long term.

Besides, if you've ever had the chance of reading through Local 500's collective Omega Speedmaster Vs

agreement, it's a sweetheart deal for workers. Not only are they well paid for what they do, full time, permanent workers have job security. They can't be laid off. Their positions may be deleted. But the city must give them another job. How sweet is that? Not too many people in the private sector can say that.

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Statistics Canada reports that the average inflation rate over the past five years for Winnipeg was about 2%.

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Local 500 workers have received an annual average wage increase of 2.34% over the last five years. That's slightly above inflation. Which means in "real" dollars as economists like to say city staff have actually received small raises in recent years.

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