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Due to the seriousness of the offences, the case was passed to the Crown Court for sentencing and is now due to be heard on September 29.

Officers monitor these so called 'standstill' periods on the databases. "If livestock keepers have breached that standstill, we will pay them a visit," says Andy.

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"We act on tip offs from members of the public and other farmers. If there is a problem we advise the farmer, and if they don't take note of that advice, it is possible that action could be takenHe adds: "We prefer to go down the road of advice and education. Prosecution is a last resort."

"Farmers are aware of their responsibilities", Omega Seamaster Professional 200m

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Price

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Price

As in the case of David Holmes, breaches do happen and warnings are issued. After two warnings, formal action can be taken. "It is vital that we keep on top of this to ensure the disease free

Environmental health manager Angela Brindle stresses that very few cases end in formal action being taken.

is 20 days.

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"We check farm records if we are visiting a farm, we will print off movement details and compare them with those kept by the farmer."

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Price

and sheep are moved, the farmer must wait for six days to pass before moving them again, as they could be incubating diseases that would show up within that time." For pigs, this period

adds Andy, who works with colleage Kevin Toyne in the department of environmental health. "It is in their best interests to keep their animalsMovements of Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300m

Officers regularly visit companies to carry out spot checks on vehicles and look at the type of material they are processing. "We check that the material is what they say it is," says Andy.

Transport, the transport arm of Halifax based Leo Group pleaded guilty at Bradford Magistrates' Court to two offences of contraventions of the Animal By Products Regulations 2005, with six other

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charges being taken into consideration.

Strict laws extend to animal by products, in a tightly regulated system that operates to ensure that outbreaks of diseases such as foot and mouth Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Price and BSE are kept under control.

livestock can be monitored through national databases.

status of the national herd," says Andy.

In the last financial year, out of 173 farm visits and 61 requests for visits, only one ended in prosecution, down from three the previous year. Seventy three live animals were seized and 78Also hitting the headlines this month is a case involving the spillage of animal by products on a country road in Queensbury. Earlier this year Alba

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"If we are notified of a welfare problem, we would visit alongside a vet from the Government's Animal Health Agency, and we would act on their advice," says Bradford Council animal health inspector

Checks that keep our animals safe From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

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Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Price

But, inevitably, that route is sometimes taken. Earlier this month, Silsden farmer David Holmes was found guilty of two charges of breaching a previous ban on

Andy Measey.

The Animal Health Agency monitor the process within the plant to ensure they comply with the regulations. "Once the waste has been deposited, we check that vehicles are cleaned and properly.

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When cattle Omega Seamaster Co-axial Chronometer 600m/2000ft

keeping animals and six charges of causing unnecessary suffering. He will return to Bradford Magistrates' Court in October for sentencing.

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