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If you click on it, you can see dozens of photos of Lozeau cutting ribbons and attending various events since the start of 2013.

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attorney maintains people in Nashua don't have a right to see Mayor Lozeau's calendar

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NASHUA Right in the middle of the city's website is a grinning picture of Mayor Donnalee Lozeau. Just below is a little green button that reads "Where's Our Mayor?"

Some aldermen don't agree. Aldermen at Large Barbara Pressly and David Deane, as well as Ward 4 Alderman Arthur Craffey, said they believe the mayor's calendar should be made public.

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not a binding schedule and the mayor, by choice or necessity, often changes her daily schedule. The calendar is maintained by the mayor's assistant. This calendar is only available to her office staff."

Bennett also cited the same section of the Right to Know law, saying materials made for personal use do not have an official purpose, and are therefore exempt from public disclosure.

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"That's a problem," he said. "It shouldn't be on there to begin with. Why should the taxpayers pay a position to maintain a person's schedule? That shouldn't be in there to begin with because that person shouldn't be doing that. I mean, come on."

But when The Telegraph asked for access to Lozeau's calendar, which is kept and maintained by paid members of her staff, she argued that people in Nashua don't have a right to know what she is up to day in and day out.

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"There is no requirement the mayor maintain a public calendar.," Bennett wrote. "While appointments and meetings may be noted on this calendar, it is Omega Seamaster 930

When The Telegraph first requested Lozeau's calendar in February, she provided it and we wrote about it for Sunshine Week. It revealed that she met with Aldermen Brian McCarthy and Lori Wilshire frequently, held Broad Street Parkway briefings in her office monthly, and attended important events, like the closing on the easements for the Parcel F property on former Pennichuck lands. But when The Telegraph again asked for the records, Lozeau said they were not Omega Constellation Gold Watch public because they served no "official purpose."

"The executive secretary has no personnel description, and she's supposed to have one," Deane added. "It does not exist."

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to fund these positions. The public has a right to know." Deane said, referring to the city employees who make and keep the mayor's schedule. " I see no reason not to release that."

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"What's the big deal? We're paying taxpayer money Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy

This time, the response came from city attorney Stephen Bennett.

The Telegraph asked for Lozeau's "internal" and "external" calendars because she explained during an aldermanic Budget Review Committee meeting that maintaining those calenders were duties assigned to members of her staff. Her communications department and executive secretary update the document daily and help keep the mayor on track with her appointments.

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The Telegraph heard back from the city last week after again requesting Lozeau release her "internal" and "external" calendars and arguing that it was a public record, rather than a private document similar to "notes or other materials made for personal use that do not have an official purpose," as Lozeau had claimed.

Pressly and Deane also speculated whether the mayor may be asking her staff to keep track of her personal appointments, outside of official city business. Pressly said in that case, those notes and annotations could be redacted with a note released to the public, explaining that was personal time, but Deane said if that is going on, that behavior is completely unacceptable.

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