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But when the Journal told him why we wanted to know who owned the cinema, he refused to say more and gave us a number for his colleague, who has not returned our call.

An employee of agents BartlePye Commercial told the Journal that they had been "babysitting" the site for a number of clients for the last two years, but was reluctant to reveal who those clientsEventually, he admitted: "We are representing the company which owns the Furlong Shopping Centre, Development Securities Ltd, but that's just part of it it is not a sole company."

Omega Seamaster Quartz Vintage

Scaffolding covers the facade of the dilapidated building, which was set to feature in a wider scheme to redevlop Centre Place including land to the rear of the old cinema.

Omega Seamaster Quartz Vintage

said: "The council is very aware of the poor condition of this building and is considering its options for taking action if the owners do not implement theirRingwood Mayor Christine Ford said: "It is terrible. Not only is the building an eye sore but it is looking dangerous with bits and pieces of boarding on the ground.

Omega Seamaster Quartz Vintage

the town.

Lorraine Tarrant of Lorraine's Antiques said: "The old cinema is a blot on the landscape. It is a great shame that this building is being left to rot when Ringwood desperately needs a theatre orA spokesman for the district council Omega Mens Watches 2017

The Journal had contacted Mark Kincaid, who represented Development Securities in 2007, last week, but he had refused to comment, apart from saying that he did not own the building.

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public in 2007.

Cinema owners still Omega Seamaster Cosmic 2000 History

Omega Seamaster Quartz Vintage

proving elusive From Salisbury Journal

Numerous companies and individuals have been contacted as we were given leads, only for our calls to draw a blank.

Omega Seamaster Quartz Vintage

New Forest District Council told the Journal last week that they were investigating the possibility Omega Seamaster Quartz Vintage of enforcement proceedings

New Forest District Council is carrying out its own land registry search, before taking action if the owners whoever they might be do not start work on a promised development showcased to the

is being "left to rot" when a community hall is badly needed in

We called the two agents whose signs were on the property Saville's of Southampton would not say who its clients

The news comes as the district council revealed it was considering taking enforcement action to get the site developed, after plans were approved for a mixed use site four years ago.

The news about potential action follows pressure from Ringwood residents and traders, who claim the prominent Market Place building Omega Seamaster Cosmic 2000 Day Date

Omega Seamaster Quartz Vintage

However when the Journal rang the Poole based firm an employee denied having anything to do with the former cinema.

Omega Seamaster Quartz Vintage

against the owners, which they believed to be Troika Development Ltd.

Omega Seamaster Quartz Vintage

Omega Seamaster Quartz Vintage

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