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Omega Seamaster Deville Black Dial

the largest single cause of severe disability.

There are often no symptoms of high blood pressure, so getting it measured is vitally important.

High blood pressure also know as hypertension can be difficult to detect without regular checks because it rarely makes people feel ill.

Omega Seamaster Deville Black Dial

She said: "I just started feeling dizzy. I used to stand on a stool to hang washing up on the line in the back kitchen and one day I nearly fell off because I went dizzy. That's when I first noticed.

"It's about getting people educated. I think it's better than it used to be."

Omega Seamaster Deville Black Dial

"After that every time I turned round fast or bent down quickly I used to fall over."

In a small number of people it can cause headaches, but only if the blood pressure is very high.

Omega Seamaster Deville Black Dial

More than 150,000 people in the UK suffer a first stroke each year.

Problems with sight, breathlessness and nosebleeds can sometimes be a sign of hypertension.

High blood pressure can cut life expectancy and increases the risk of a stroke or a heart attack.

her medication, which kept the problem under control for years.

Marie Hutchinson, community cardiology specialist nurse at Sunderland Teaching Primary Care Trust, said: "One of the main risks of high blood pressure is stroke. There is also a risk of coronary heart disease which can lead to heart attacks.

Nearly one in four adults in the UK has high blood pressure, but many sufferers are unaware and are putting their health at risk because they are not being treated.

"We want to know what exercise they do; look at family history of heart disease; if they smoke and the stress factor.

Omega Seamaster Deville Black Dial

For every 10 people who die of Omega Seamaster Deville Black Dial stroke, four could have been saved if they had arranged regular blood pressure measurements and then followed medical advice.

Check in and check it out

Omega Seamaster Deville Black Dial

Omega Seamaster Deville Black Dial

She said: "All of a sudden it felt like somebody had hit me in the chest with a sledgehammer. I couldn't see properly, everything was blurry and I was vomiting. It was awful."

Every three minutes someone in the UK has a stroke and it is Omega Orange

But the only way of knowing if you have high blood pressure is to have it measured.

"They can all lead to having problems with blood pressure.

John Lipscombe, from the Rotary Club of Seaburn, said: "It only takes a few minutes but it could help to save their lives."

Omega Seamaster Deville Black Dial

Alice suffered a massive heart attack at her Cleveland Road home.

Alice spent just over a week in hospital, followed by rehabilitation. But she began suffering from problems with high blood pressure again.


She said: "I felt numb and thankful to be alive. They were wonderful in the hospital, I can't speak highly enough of them."

GRANDMOTHER Alice began suffering problems with her blood pressure nearly 30 years ago.

Omega Seamaster Deville Black Dial

Omega Seamaster Deville Black Dial

But in November 2004, Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Gmt 43.5mm Goodplanet

Alice was diagnosed with high blood pressure and her doctor gave Omega Seamaster 007 Edition

"We need to monitor cholesterol levels and check to see how much alcohol they drink. We need to look at diet and check their height and weight.

Alice was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital where doctors told her she had suffered a severe heart attack.

Omega Seamaster Deville Black Dial

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