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So the company is preparing to tug on customers heartstrings, with an animated video that began playing on 10,000 movie screens last weekend. Set to Coldplay's "The Scientist" as performed by Willie Nelson, the story centers around a farmer who builds his pig business into a large factory only to decide to return to more natural methods. It's already gotten 1.3 million views on Chipotle's YouTube channel in just over a month.

Ells is applying the Chipotle model to Asian food, with the recent opening of ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen in Washington.

Chipotle underscores sustainability

Omega Seamaster Brown

"It's time for them to move to the adults' table," Dan Dahlen, chief development officer of Columbus, Ohio based Weber Associates marketing firm. An advertising and restaurant industry veteran, Dahlen said that the chain seems to be following "Starbucks model" of advertising, meaning that it has eschewed the traditional tactics.

Ells' interest in sustainable farming isn't led by consumer requests, he said. "It's our belief that this makes for the best dining experience and we've always believed just because food is served quickly or accessible doesn't mean it has to be a typical fast food experience."

last weekend hosted "Cultivate Chicago," an all day food and music festival featuring local gourmet chefs, to raise money for Family Farmed, a group working to expand production and distribution of local, sustainable food. Chipotle plans to host similar events in other cities.

The chain has established the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation to extend its reach beyond its restaurants by supporting programs focused on healthy eating and a more sustainable food supply. Willie Nelson's Coldplay cover also is the start of Chipotle Music, an in house record label.

Chipotle has shown that a focus on local produce and animal welfare can be Omega Black Side Of The Moon

Started in 1993, and bolstered by word of mouth referrals and grassroots marketing, Chipotle is now a $1.84 billion restaurant chain with more than 1,100 locations, and beginning to embrace traditional tactics.

Omega Seamaster Brown

Given this rapid growth, Chipotle executives and industry experts maintain it's time to up the ante on its marketing.

The Mexican inspired fast casual chain released an animated video to movie theaters last week, and hosted the first of many food and music festivals.

The animated video is part of a new marketing platform called "Cultivate." Chipotle Omega Watch Ladies

"We think the more people understand where their food comes from and the impact on independent family farmers, animal welfare, the more they're going to ask for better ingredients," said Chipotle founder and co Omega Seamaster Brown chief executive officer Steve Ells.

"You have to eventually go on TV or some sort of mass media to keep your name top of mind and tell people what's happening," Dahlen said. "You can include social media to do that, but you can't rely on social media to be your primary mode of communication."

Omega Seamaster Brown

Omega Seamaster Brown

Omega Seamaster Brown

Through consumer research, the Denver based burrito chain uncovered that while many consumers think "organic" and "local" are the kinds of attributes to have associated with their food, only 30 percent were willing to go out of their way for what Chipotle calls "food with integrity."

taken it to a new level. the food is better, the quality is better."

"If you look at what people are serving for Asian food in chains . it's very sort of one dimensional, sweet and sticky," Ells said. ShopHouse, by contrast, he said, is "bold and spicy."

Jim Slama, president of FamilyFarmed, said the proceeds will help the group in a variety of efforts, including increasing schools' access to local ingredients, and the development of an online program for independent farmers to create a customized food safety plan. Meeting food safety standards is a common barrier to family farmers looking to sell their wares to a company like Whole Foods.

Chipotle has three locations in New Hampshire, one of which is at 225 Daniel Webster Highway in Nashua.

"It's brilliant," he said "It's like the people from Subway will say, 'That was our idea,' but guess who gets credit for it? (Chipotle) has Omega Seamaster Spectre Edition

Dahlen expects more restaurant concepts from Ells with the same formula.

Omega Seamaster Brown

Omega Seamaster Brown

CHICAGO Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.'s success with hormone free dairy products, naturally raised meat and local produce has the restaurant chain taking its message to a broader audience.

done in a fast food setting. It is one of the fastest growing stocks in the restaurant sector. For the most recent quarter, Chipotle's same store sales, a key metric of restaurant health, increased 10 percent.

Omega Seamaster Brown

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