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"Apparently, I wasn't looking into the camera the Omega Seamaster Chrono

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Chicago woman violently thrown Omega Seamaster 007 Planet Ocean

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Definitely tough to watch. Forty seven year old Feuerstein had been arrested for a DUI this all happened in March of this year at Omega Seamaster 300m With Suit

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The rest of the video shows other officers helping her as she bleeds on the floor. (ViaSkokie Police Department)

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Cook County prosecutors dismissed the resisting arrest charges. (ViaWBBM)

When she hit the cement bench, Feuerstein's attorney says several bones were shattered in her face. Her injuries required reconstructive surgery and a titanium plate in her cheek. Skokie officials have refused to comment on the incident.

the Skokie, Illinois Police Department.

But Feuerstein says the officer faked the report to justify what he did to her in that cell.

way he wanted me to."

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A Chicago area woman has filed a lawsuit after a police officer who threw her across a cell, shattering several bones in her face. We will warn you, the Omega Seamaster Orange Face following video of the incident is graphic.

The officer's report says she wasn't cooperating while being processed and that she was charged for resisting arrest when being brought back to the cell. (ViaWJTV)

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Cassandra Feuerstein appears to be calmly interacting with the officer in this video. Then, according to WMAQ, she was called out of the cell to call her husband and kids. And a few seconds later, Feuerstein is violently thrown back inside, face first into a cement bench. (ViaWWMT)

into jail cell files lawsuit

Police initially arrested Feuerstein after they found her pulled over on the side of the road, asleep in her car.

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