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City should stop hiring consultants

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All told, the city spends close to $40 million a year on outside consultants. Granted, some of those may be for legitimate public works projects. But the city has this nasty habit of hiring consultants to review almost every aspect of its operations, from drafting poorly researched and ambiguous plans for community centres to providing bad advice on how to redesign a bike path. And usually, the over priced reports end up sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.

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work out to consultants instead.

You know, the same way it works in the real world.

If the city wants to save money, they should stop doling out millions a year to outside consultants like the one they hiring to review police operations and fire any senior bureaucrat who fails to meet annual cost reduction targets.

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What city council should do is set cost saving targets for senior managers in all departments and fire those who can meet them.

As a manager especially as a senior manager it your job to run your operations as efficiently and effectively as possible. If you can cut the mustard, you should be dismissed. Period.

You think properly managed private sector firms keep senior managers around who have to rely on outside consultants to do their jobs for them?And that the funny or maybe not so funny part of this story. Despite the millions the city spends every year on outside consultants reports, city hall still can get its finances together. They still have skyrocketing labour costs and insist they have no choice but to jack up taxes and fees every year.

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The WPS has one police chief, one deputy, four superintendents, 21 inspectors, 27 staff sergeants and 89 sergeants, as well as other civilian staff.

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It wouldn be so bad if these consultants produced some tangible results for the city. But they don only solution is to stop hiring them and ensure city councillors and senior bureaucrats are doing the job they being paid to do. If they can do it, city councillors should step down and senior bureaucrats should be fired.

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good stewards of the public treasury. Instead of doing the heavy lifting themselves to budget, plan and contain costs for taxpayers while providing the city with high quality services, city councillors and their senior bureaucrats find it easier to farm the Omega Women

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If senior managers in these departments including the Winnipeg Police Service can find the operational efficiencies themselves, what are we paying them for?

So why does city council waste tax dollars on so many of these useless consultant reports? Because they pretending Omega Constellation 70s

It makes you wonder why we pay these guys more than $120,000 a year to manage the affairs of Omega Seamaster Orange Blue city hall when they hand off so much of their work to outside Taxpayers are paying twice once for the high salaries and pensions of senior managers and again to over priced consultants.

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With 143 senior and middle managers, they can find efficiencies and cost savings in their own department?

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