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"I don't suppose they worry about walking down dark alley ways and through tunnels on their way home at night.

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CITY MP Lilian Greenwood last night lashed out at the wives of David Cameron and Nick Clegg during an impassioned speech about cuts to housing in Nottingham.

Ms Greenwood explained that the aim of her comments was to challenge the Prime Minister's statement that in facing the economic downturn the country was "all in this together".

There are still specific issues that require sorting but all PFI projects of this type have been cancelled/postponed at the moment.

"It's not only socially just. It makes real economic sense. It isn't just numbers on a balance sheet. This political choice is about people's homes and life chances. It is simply too important to throw away.

But Local Government Minister Robert Neill hit back, arguing that Ms Greenwood's concerns were an "inevitable" consequence of the Labour government's economic legacy.

He added: "That means the Department for Communities and Local Government does not have the resources to fund every PFI scheme."

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If all these people in the Meadows are such sterling types, why don't they do something about the problems there?Or are they the ones who cause them? If it's the nature Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Co Axial of the residents that leads to such problems,what good would 200m do squandered in such a place, except buy a few more votes for Labour?

"Since coming to office our most urgent priority has been to tackle this country's record deficit. Our clear message is that we need to restore confidence in our economy and support the recovery.

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"If he won't review the decision, then I want to understand how he can ensure how every home will be brought up to a decent standard."

Whilst I'm not saying there isn't housing as bad elsewhere but some of these people are living with the poorly designed houses of the 60/70's. Those houses built around the same time as our wonderful tower blocks that were pulled down years ago.

Ms Greenwood argued that if there was money for other Government policies then it should be reprioritised to regenerate The Meadows which she said had a strong community among many good points, but also many problems.

I wonder whether any of these people have struggled with a buggy up three flights of stairs and along a walkway Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Titanium

But at the end of November, the Coalition Government announced it would not provide any more funding for Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs) like The Meadows scheme.

Investment for homes in the area may now have come through the Decent Homes programme but the Government has also announced that scheme will be heavily cut.


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The member for Nottingham South made her attack as she challenged ministers in Parliament over their decision to axe a plan to regenerate The Meadows and to cut funding to a scheme which would see council homes refurbished.

Whilst I do not defend Greenwood's position, don't all tar the people of the Meadows with the same brush.

done" approach of the current Labour City Council.

Ms Greenwood said: "This opportunity to transform The Meadows through a 25 year investment is good value for money.

He said: "I have to say to her in all frankness and honesty, I can't make any apology for repeating what ministers have consistently said to the House.

She said during the debate: "The Government claims that we are all in this together. But I don't imagine Mrs Cameron or Mrs Clegg would struggle with a buggy up three flights of stairs and along a walkway to get home with their shopping bags.

In a particularly hard hitting section of her speech the MP suggested that Samantha Cameron and Miriam Clegg would never know the hardships of living in a run down inner city estate.

There needs to be a push for decent homes but maybe not the grand standing public "look at what we've Omega Seamaster Master Coaxial Chronometer

"And I don't imagine they have to worry that their windows don't fit properly, that their flat is cold and damp or their kitchen is falling to pieces."

Could the reason Mr Cameron's and Mr Clegg's wives would not have to suffer all the problems described be that they are both working and both married, not unmarried mothers/ workshy/ living off benefits?

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Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Co Axial

"Failure to do that would prejudice the investment in housing of all kinds in the longer term. We are living in difficult times and that does mean we have to take difficult decisions about how to reduce the national debt."

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Lilian Greenwood went to the CofE Canon Slade School before going up to St Catharine's College, Cambridge. Her Oxford educated leader's wife is Justine Thornton, a Cambridge educated barrister. Her deputy leader is the public school educated Harriet Harman (who is also the niece of the Countess of Longford). Ms Harman's husband is a wealthy Union baron turned MP.

to get home with their shopping bags?

I live in quite an affluent area of Nottingham and I can tell you that there a some damn decent people in the Meadows and have been more friendly than where I live when I have been Omega Speedmaster Moon Replica

City MP's impassioned plea over the axing of the

A regeneration scheme approved by the previous government was to see 1,300 homes in The Meadows improved.

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