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There was a human girl standing a few meters away from the pup. She was wearing a pink jacket and a purple hat and carried a small paper bag filled with potatoes. She was shaking with fear as her eyes fell on Toboe. The pup followed your gaze and jumped a little in shock.

Kiba still looked at you with narrow eyes, "Why do you smell like the wolf with a scar on his chest?" he asked suspiciously.

You mentally slapped yourself as you, Hige and Kiba trekked through Freeze Citys sewer system. The idea of Paradise had convinced you the second it was mentioned, but now you werent so sure. You had summed up both of their personalities after only a few minutes with them. The white wolf, Kiba was quite and apathetic, while his friend was completely the opposite. Hige was obnoxious and his eyes kept wandering over to you, eyeing you suggestively.

Yosh! Ikuzei! (Gah. I don't know if I spelled that right. XD)

Getting sick of Hige not getting out of the sewer, you and Kiba pushed him out and climbed onto the street. "Move it will you?" Kiba snapped, "That's the last time I trust your nose."

"Then come with us to search for Paradise!" Hige said excitedly, "If you have nowhere to go, that is."

Kiba relaxed a little bit, and placing his hand on his hip he asked, "What's a girl like you doing here?"

Claw of the Wolf Pack (Wolf's Rain\Tsume story) 6

"I'm traveling," you said sharply, still not forgiving Hige for the "mate" remark.

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"Leara! Toboe exclaimed, still in wolf form, "Don't be scared, I won't do anything. I just wanted to see you again. I'm so sorry about your bird."

Omega Speedmaster Rose Gold

for characters not mentioned in either the anime or manga, such as Noah and Cray; they belong to me.

All of the Wolf's Rain characters are owned by BONES and Keiko Nobumoto. All except Omega Seamaster 007 Limited Edition Orange

Having given up on helping Tsume, you were walking down the street you had been walking on upon meeting the police. Before turning a right corner you paused. You could hear two voices, both male, yelling at each other. Thinking it was a couple of pickpockets, you positioned yourself upwind so that they wouldnt notice your scent and elbowed the first person to turn onto your street. The person stumbled back clutching his stomach, and he turned into a brown timber wolf in front of your eyes.

"Ow!" The wolf called Hige clutched his stomach, "What the hell was that for?!" Then you saw him size you up, "Kiba, it's a woman!"

time watch on my internet so I didn't have time/ forgot to put a recap on. Anyway, here it is! Recap: You left Toboe and Tsume while they were in the Omega Speedmaster Rose Gold middle of an argument. However, you went back because you saw policemen heading in the direction of Tsume's house and went running to help them. You met Tsume, who was running from them, talked to him briefly, but had to get away because of policemen shooting at you.

Higes friend was a few inches taller with just a bit longer and darker brown hair and icy blue eyes. His outfit consisted of a brown jacket, a white shirt and blue jeans, ragged and travel worn. You could just barely see his wolf form, a large white wolf with golden eyes. He was the same wolf you saw get shot yesterday His eyes narrowed as he made eye contact with you.

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The wolf called Hige turned back into human form and began rubbing his stomach. He was average height, with scruffy brown hair and red brown eyes; he wore a yellow and black sweatshirt and baggy sweat pants, around his neck was a black collar with the number 23 on it.

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Finally, the two wolves in front of you stopped walking and decided to open a sewer lid above you. Hige went first, propping the metal disc on his head.

Claw of the Wolf Pack Wolf's Rain

As Kiba and Hige argued you looked around, spotting a small red wolf staring at you. It's eyes sparkled and began to walk slowly toward you. You realized at once that this wolf was Toboe, but something else caught your eye.

Your blood began to boil, "What makes you think I'm his mate?!" You shouted at the two of them, "I just bumped into him earlier, that's all!"

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This made Higes smile falter, "What? You already have a mate?" he moaned as he kicked at the ground.

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His friend took a step back, cried, "Hige!" and went to help the wolf up.

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by Ziggy chan

You glared at him, "Keep looking at me like that," you threatened, "and I'll make you regret it."

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Paradise? What's he talking about?

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This made Hige's eyes widen even more and an enormous smile crossed his face, "Sassy, huh? I kinda like that in a girl." You began growling, making him grin awkwardly.

Created by Ziggy chan on Saturday, August 18, 2007anime, wolf, rain, pack, noah

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"Uh oh, must've taken a wrong turn," he mumbled as he looked around. "H Hey, it's one of our own!"

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