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C4 crops appeared to be less affected by higher CO2, which is consistent with underlying plant physiology, as C4 plants concentrate Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Skyfall 41.5mm CO2 inside the cell for photosynthesis so they might be expected to be less sensitive to extracellular changes in CO2 concentration.

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"Increasing CO2 threatens human nutrition,"Samuel S. Myers, Antonella Zanobetti, Itai Kloog, Peter Huybers, Andrew D. B. Leakey, Arnold Bloom, Eli Carlisle, Lee H. Dietterich, Glenn Fitzgerald, Toshihiro Hasegawa, N. Michele Holbrook, Randall L. Nelson, Michael J. Ottman, Victor Raboy, Hidemitsu Sakai, Karla A. Sartor, Joel Schwartz, Saman Seneweera, Michael Tausz, Yasuhiro Usui, Nature, May 7, 2014, DOI: 10.1038/nature13179

In addition to efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, breeding cultivars with reduced sensitivity to CO2, biofortification of crops with iron and zinc, and nutritional supplementation for populations most impacted could all play a role in reducing the human health impacts of these changes, said Myers. "Humanity is conducting a global experiment by rapidly altering the environmental conditions on the only habitable planet we know. As this experiment unfolds, there will undoubtedly be many surprises. Finding out that rising CO2 threatens human nutrition is one such surprise," he said. Department of Energy's Office of Science (BER) Midwestern Regional Center of the National Institute for Climatic Change Research at Michigan Technological University, under Award Number DEFC02 06ER64158; and the National Research Omega Seamaster 300m Gmt 50th Anniversary

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Skyfall 41.5mm

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Skyfall 41.5mm

The results showed a significant decrease in the concentrations of zinc, iron, and protein in C3 grains. For example, zinc, iron, and protein concentrations in wheat grains grown at the FACE sites were reduced by 9.3%, 5.1%, and 6.3% respectively, compared with wheat grown at ambient CO2. Zinc and iron were also significantly reduced in legumes; protein was not.

Harvard School of Public Health brings together dedicated experts from many disciplines to educate new generations of global health leaders and produce powerful ideas that improve the lives and health of people everywhere. As a community of leading scientists, educators, and students, we work together to take innovative ideas from the laboratory and the classroom to people's lives not only making scientific breakthroughs, but also working to change individual behaviors, public policies, and health care practices. Each year, more than 400 faculty members at HSPH teach 1,000 plus full time students from around the world and train thousands more through online and executive education courses. Founded in 1913 as the Harvard MIT School of Health Officers, the School is recognized as America's oldest professional training program in public health.

The finding that C3 grains and legumes lost iron and zinc at elevated CO2 is significant. Myers and his colleagues estimate that 2 3 billion people around the world receive 70% or more of their dietary zinc and/or iron from C3 crops, particularly in the developing world, where zinc and iron deficiency is already a major health concern.

The researchers analyzed data involving 41 cultivars (genotypes) of grains and legumes from the C3 and C4 functional groups (plants that use C3 and C4 carbon fixation) from seven different FACE locations in Japan, Australia, and the United States. The level of CO2 across all seven sites was in the range of 546 586 parts per million (ppm). They tested the nutrient concentrations of the edible portions of wheat and rice (C3 grains), maize and sorghum (C4 grains) and soybeans and field peas (C3 legumes).

Eating Too Much Meat Tied To Higher Diabetes Risk, Harvard School of Omega Watch Straps

The researchers were surprised to find that zinc and iron varied substantially across cultivars of rice. That finding suggests that there could be an opportunity to breed reduced sensitivity to the effect of elevated CO2 into crop cultivars in the future.

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Genetic Link Between Fried Foods And Obesity? Harvard School of Public Health Study Mother's Diet Affects Her Child's Genes, London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine Study

Climate Change Could Strip Foods Of Some Nutrients Harvard School of Public Health Study

Public Health Study Early Obesity Linked To Severe Obesity Later In Life, City University Of New York Study

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Some previous studies of crops grown in greenhouses and chambers at elevated CO2 had found nutrient reductions, but those studies were criticized for using artificial growing conditions. Experiments using free air carbon dioxide enrichment (FACE) technology became the gold standard as FACE allowed plants to be grown in open fields at elevated levels of CO2, but those prior studies had small Omega Speedmaster Blue Face

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Even Small Amounts Of Anger Could Cause Heart Attacks Or Strokes, Harvard School of Public Health Study Low Vitamin D In Moms Linked To Cavities In Babies, University of Manitoba Study

Feminine Girls, Masculine Boys Have Higher Cancer Risk, Harvard School of Public Health Study Energy Drinks Linked To Bad Behavior In Teenagers, University Of Waterloo Study

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Drinking Coffee May Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk, Harvard School of Public Health Study Science Explains Why Yawning Is Contagious, University of Vienna, Nova Southeastern University, And SUNY College at Oneonta Study

Boston, MA At the elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 anticipated by around 2050, crops that provide a large share of the global population with most of their dietary zinc and iron will have significantly reduced concentrations of those nutrients, according to a new study led by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). Given that an estimated two billion people suffer from zinc and iron deficiencies, resulting in a loss of 63 million life years annually from malnutrition, the reduction in these nutrients represents the most significant health threat ever shown to be associated with climate change.

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Initiative of Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program Grant no. 2010 65114 20343 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Early stages of this work received support from Harvard Catalyst The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center (National Center for Research Resources and the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health Award 8UL1TR000170 05).

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Skyfall 41.5mm

sample sizes and have been inconclusive.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Skyfall 41.5mm

Rising CO2 Poses Significant Threat To Human Nutrition

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Skyfall 41.5mm

The study appears online May 7, 2014 in Nature.

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