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Or how about hiring inspectors to check to see if kids have up to date bike helmets or check child care strollers for current stickers?

A few councillors with their obsessive fear of anything to do with marijuana need to look for ways to save tax dollars, not waste them.

Are there that many personal medical grow ops in Maple Ridge to warrant these massive expenditures and the need for added personnel?

Re: Maple Ridge gearing for grow op clean up (The News, April 23).

If this is the case, why do they need more officers and clerks, if they a casual approach is being taken?

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Editor, The News:

Omega Blue Aqua Terra

grow op clean up (The News, April 23).

What would the total cost for these two new employees be when they include all the benefits that are included with their positions?

To me, it looks like just another money grab.

What next, hire a tree inspector to patrol the district for dead tree branches because some people don't cut dead branches and it is a big safety concern?

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If the bylaw is passed and Health Canada provides Omega Speedmaster 3573.50

Why does a bylaw officer warrant a salary of $70,000 a year, with an assistant earning $49,000?

Bylaw director Liz Holitzki said that the approach would be gradual.

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What a perfect example of wasting of tax dollars.

after legalizing marijuana. I'm sure there is a better use for our tax dollars.

If the municipality really wants to make money, have a look at what the State of Colorado is making in tax dollars Omega Gold Watch Straps

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Cleaning up grow ops another money grab

Are the present bylaw officers so busy that they are not capable of adding this to their duties?

If and when the grow ops are cleaned up, will the new bylaw officer and clerk remain employed by Maple Ridge?

Maple Ridge wants to spend tens of thousands of our taxpayer dollars to clean up illegal medical grow ops.

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Maple Ridge is going to pay $130,000 a year for extra inspectors because a few growers of medical marijuana may have some safety concerns.

The district wants to hire a new bylaw officer at $70,000 a year, a bylaw clerk at $49,000 a year, and also provide a vehicle with an initial cost of $10,000.

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For one thing, if medical marijuana growers are no longer able to grow, the district will not even have the residence information due to privacy concerns.

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Re: Maple Ridge gearing for Omega Seamaster Quartz 1337

the Omega Blue Aqua Terra addresses of the medical grow ops, can the district provide this information to the RCMP and have them deal with these illegal operations?

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