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"Our hands are very much tied when it comes to this sort of thing," he said.

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And at the end of the day, people who are working there have CHOSEN to do so. Get over it, it approved, no amount of whinging is going to change that. Kate F Williams

"The larger part of the community is against this we put in one of the state biggest petitions to the Queensland Government but it has fallen on deaf ears.

Why would we do such a thing? I am totally against The Vault and what it stands for. and especially when it is in the middle of town. I think it is disgusting and we should be ashamed of it. Lynelle Moore

Mayor Paul Antonio said he would welcome the new powers over the Omega Rose Gold Mens Watch

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"This sort of licence has to have a level of consistency about it, and it has to be in the hands of the community.

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Omega Seamaster Professional Watch

Omega Seamaster Professional Watch

I bet my bottom dollar this will make going out on Fri/Sat nights in Toowoomba much safer. The louts will get bored. so they will go congeal in The Vault Omega Seamaster Professional Watch instead. Keeps them inside and away from drunkenly harassing strangers and starting fights. I also imagine with the high OH applied to strip clubs that this place will be cleaner than your average takeaway too. Chalky_undertaste

would suggest it not a good idea to have this determined locally, but I think the community needs to be in charge."

renewal of adult entertainment licences in the city centre.

THE approval of a strip club in the middle of Toowoomba continues to divide community attitudes ahead of its opening in a fortnight.

Kevin Farmer

"There are people who Omega Speedmaster Brown Strap

Christian lobbyists have vowed to continue their fight to shut down The Vault on Ruthven, which received its adult entertainment licence on Tuesday after months of legal battles.

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granting and Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre

Ms Shelton has presented two petitions to have the law changed to parliament, totalling 1777 signatures.

The Vault on Ruthven, Toowoomba newest strip club, is opening on March 26.

"It clear that democracy hasn worked in this situation," she said.

I have no issue with the fact that Toowoomba is trying to raise revenue but women are being treated as a piece of meat instead of human beings. Bianca Hicks

"That will add another level of angst to our job, but I think it is needed.

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Ms Shelton said no decision had been made whether a protest would be held on opening night.

"The next step is to change the legislation so our local council, which is against the club too, can be given power over its approval."

City Women chief executive officer Letitia Shelton said behind the scenes work was being done to give local councils more say over restricting adult venues within their regions.

The Vault on Ruthven will hold its grand opening on Wednesday, March 26 at 6pm.

More than 3000 objections to the club licence application were tabled in State Parliament last year.

Christian lobbyists fighting to have strip club shut down

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It amusing that so many have complained that Toowoomba doesn want or need this club, yet opening night tickets have already sold out. Melissa D

Vault on Ruthven promo:

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