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Ms Piper added: "The area is going to change a lot. We will be encouraging more families to come and live there.

"It is going to be a great development for the area.

Mr Collington said: "Whilst Nottingham City Council has previously stated they wish to support the cinema, we are grateful it is now taking positive steps to address our concerns to ensure that the cinema can survive as part of its regeneration programme.

We did manage to get a refund from the City Council on the fee for the towaway, which is great news.

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The majority of people using that cinema are locals who walk there, and the cinema will carry on as such, as it Omega Seamaster Watch Band

Are the council also now going to admit Omega Speedmaster Nato that morally they were very much in the wrong when they towed 7 cars away a few weeks ago and will therefore refund the towing fees plus pay compensation? Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Chronometer

why go there? You have Cornerhouse and Showcase near QMC

"And we want the Savoy Cinema to be part of that, as somewhere the families can go at weekends."

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The council and Nottingham City Homes, which manages its housing stock, say the homes will be built by 2016 17, provided there are no delays.

I hope everyone continues to support this fantastic historic cinema whether they get there by foot, bike, car or public transport.

The Savoy isn't going to close because lots of people who live off a bus route can't drive park there anymore. You can park anywhere along that bus route for a start.

It is good news to read that the parking restrictions at the back of the Savoy have now been lifted. Most people believe that they should never have been there in the first place.

I would hazard a guess and say that a good proportion of those driving there do actually live on a bus route many people choose not to take public transport and decide to drive instead.

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Cinema owner hopes solution to parking problems is close

"We are more hopeful now that a solution can be found that works for both Nottingham City Council and Savoy."

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The Savoy opened in November 1935. I love the Savoy and when you've got children with you it's not always possible to use public transport, especially as we travel in to the Savoy. We love it as it's a proper cinema and also that it is a lot cheaper than the big boys. Kilowatt2 you seem to be making a lot of assumptions.

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has done for a long while.

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That's fine but there are alternatives.

If you're driving in to see a film Omega Seamaster Orange

Omega Speedmaster Nato

When the cars were towed it should have been obvious that (a) as no work was being carried out the restriction was not really necessary and (b) the cars would have been moved less than an hour later when the film had finished.

There will also be three retail units.

Plans have now been submitted for 54 sheltered homes and ten bungalows for over 60s, 62 two or three bedroom family homes, and ten one and two bedroom flats.

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