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"It's my responsibility our responsibility, I believe to keep that going. To pay it forward, if you will. To invest in the future of every child in our state."

"Personal gain, monetary gain, that wasn't important to me. What was important was getting issues out that weren't getting talked about by the other candidates."

Hassan, 54, is the pragmatist, someone once more than open to an income tax only to shut down that talk once door to door campaigning in past elections convinced her that the voters just didn't want it.

Cilley outfunded but remains threat

Stonyfield Yogurt co founder Gary Hirshberg, a past income tax advocate, said that go it alone streak was part of what drew him to endorse Cilley after he ended interest in running himself.

Cilley, 50, is the populist, wearing her hardscrabble upbringing in a three story walk up tenement in Berlin on her sleeve. However, she's trying to defy recent history by winning the corner office without taking the pledge to veto a sales or income tax.

On energy costs, Kennedy again strikes out alone on the Northern Pass project, placing a cut in New Hampshire electric bills condition for his support that would likely doom it.

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Omega Watches Replica

"I have very little money but a lot of voice," said Kennedy, 52.

But their personal backgrounds, their legislative styles and their views on the seminal issue for party's base voters support for a broad based tax couldn't be more different.

Beyond the pledge and class warfare, Cilley and Hassan agree on many other key issues.

invested in my future," Cilley said.

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"When Maggie talks about her son, I get it. I understand the advocacy she refers to, and she uses that issue to remind Omega Seamaster Tomorrow Never Dies

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"My decision to run for governor is all about making sure every family in New Hampshire, no matter what their challenges, have the opportunities to achieve to their full potential," Hassan said.

Hassan and Cilley both want to junk the high transmission line towers in favor of burying the lines underground, but project opponents privately express doubt that either one would ultimately block it.

When Democrats took control of the senate after 2006, Hassan quickly moved up the pecking order to majority leader two years later, carrying Lynch's centrist agenda on education and jobs while crafting, after fits and starts, the precise language to make same sex marriage legal in New Hampshire.

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Omega Watches Replica

Advocacy for the disabled was what first brought Hassan into the public arena, as a member of an adequate education commission in 2000.

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for same sex marriage, is backing Hassan because her soft spoken, bipartisan style leads to results.

all of us of the causes yet to Omega Watches Replica be fought: on equality, on choice, on issues of working women and men," Splaine said. "If we don't use democracy to advocate, then what is the sense of having the vote and our voice anyway?"

This Democratic race for governor unexpectedly has turned into a competitive race between the populist and the pragmatist.

Cilley first came into the Senate on that 2006 tsunami wave and was widely considered one of the Democratic free agents there.

Both vow to restore cuts to higher education, favor expanding eligibility for Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, believe building a skilled workforce is the key to economic recovery, are open to casino gambling if it has local support and think commuter rail may have a promising future here.

On more than one occasion, Cilley would refuse to toe the safe and cautious line that Lynch laid down, such as when she opposed a ban on smoking in restaurants and an interest rate cap on short term loans that eventually drove the payday industry out of the state for several years.

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Former State Rep. Jim Splaine, of Portsmouth, the prime mover Omega Speedmaster Blue Titanium

At the time, and since, Cilley has defended both votes, if not politically correct, as doing the right thing, standing up for those eateries that wanted to still cater to smokers and for working class families who need a short term loan while waiting for the next paycheck.

"We were poor. It was New Hampshire public education that brought me out of poverty. New Hampshire Omega Seamaster Blue

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Hassan arrived in the senate when it was under Republican control and worked with some like minded GOP senators to deliver for Lynch repeal of a health insurance law. That law had allowed companies to price coverage higher for seniors and those with bad health histories.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Bill Kennedy, an inn owner in Danbury, claims to be the most daring of all, proposing a 4 percent income tax and calling for legalization of marijuana, yet also against casino gambling and even open to a compromise on Right to Work, three of the dirtiest words for organized labor in New Hampshire.

Her father was a truck driver, her mom a factory worker.

"I have watched this race unfold, and I know who our next governor should be: Jackie Cilley," Hirshberg said. "She has the strength, the independence and the vision to lead our state forward in these challenging times."

Maggie Hassan, of Exeter, and Jackie Cilley, of Barrington, are both former state senators who served six years in the Legislature under the popular retiring incumbent they want to replace, Gov. John Lynch.

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Political conventional wisdom had Hassan winning this race comfortably as the establishment favorite, outraising Cilley by more than 3 to 1 and attracting the party's elite, such as Bill Shaheen, husband of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, and ex party Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan, along with some past advocates for changing the tax structure, such as the National Education Association of New Hampshire.

She's married to a prep school principal and living in property tax free housing supplied by Phillips Exeter Academy. The Ivy League school lawyer grew up in Boston, the daughter of a former prominent college administrator. Hassan doesn't bristle when asked about the class divide but reminds that her family faced plenty of personal struggle raising their son, Benjamin, 24, who suffers from cerebral palsy.

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