Omega Speedmaster Ladies 38mm

It's the whole family it affects. It's not just the misery, upset and feelings of grief but the part of you which knows it could have been prevented and we would still have Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Blue Dial

Omega Speedmaster Ladies 38mm

Omega Speedmaster Ladies 38mm

our special girls.

Claire in her short life achieved more than most in a lifetime. She would be so proud. She wrote letters to others on Jo's Trust (cervical cancer site) trying to help them and make them laugh at a time when they were extremely ill. She was one of a kind. Through her death many many girls' lives will be saved

were in Downing Street I mentioned the kindness shown by the people up here and the massive support from the Echo who have been with us from day one. We feel so humble when we realise just how much commitment and determination people up here have shown to Claire's Omega Seamaster 300 Replica

It's a lovely feeling Omega Speedmaster Ladies 38mm knowing that the North East has helped get this to where it is and we should all be extremely proud of ourselves!

Everyone here knows where this campaign started and who will be recognised when the age is reduced. I have complete faith in Ann Keen and Professor Mike Richards and know they will be carrying out a massive investigation as to how the figures have risen so much in last five years. Now we wait till the Government report is done.

A HUGE thanks to each and everyone in the North East, especially those who helped us with our campaign of petitions, wrist bands and also spreading the word of awareness to many many people who had no idea what cervical cancer was and how much it is now affecting younger girls.

Omega Speedmaster Ladies 38mm

All because Claire started this while so very ill is the reason we carried it on for her. No young girl should ever die simply because of her age and this is what Claire's Message is all about.

Message. Now it's all over the country.

Omega Speedmaster Ladies 38mm

Claire would have been so proud

When we Omega Seamaster 50th Anniversary 007

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My family were astounded as to how many Echo readers had taken the time to fill in the campaign form in the paper, along with others who distributed forms as far down a Southport. We even had some filled in from Switzerland and Germany.

Claire's mam

Omega Speedmaster Ladies 38mm

Leaving screening until age 25 is a huge mistake and because of this families like ours have been ripped apart, purely because of something that costs 17.50 to process.

I never in a million years expected this much support and it is still carrying on to this day. May I also thank Fraser Kemp MP who kicked started this with the debate in Parliament. He was outstanding.

Cash in the Attic

Lyn Walker,

Omega Speedmaster Ladies 38mm

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Omega Speedmaster Ladies 38mm

Omega Speedmaster Ladies 38mm

Omega Speedmaster Ladies 38mm

Omega Speedmaster Ladies 38mm

Omega Speedmaster Ladies 38mm

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