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Soucy, who is 31 and has three children, said her mother ran a day care when she was a child, and when she was a teen, she would go to the CPR classes her mother held for parents and caregivers.

her mother and the lessons in lifesaving techniques she learned long ago.

Soucy's mother said her daughter has been taking care of people all Omega Seamaster 471 her life.

"I cried and cried," she said. "Being a mom, I couldn't imagine," what it was like for the mother to see her baby like that.

Omega Seamaster 471

But he called 911, and Soucy did what she learned to do in CPR classes years ago clear the patient's airway, listen for breaths. Then she flipped the baby face down on her arm and performed the Heimlich maneuver recommended for infants.

On Friday, she said, the baby's aunt stopped by her apartment and gave her a hug and told her the child was in good condition in the hospital and was staying there for tests and observation.

Omega Seamaster 471

Omega Seamaster 471

Soucy said the mother and her baby moved into the apartment in December, and aside from exchanging pleasantries in the hallway, she didn't know her. All Soucy knew of the baby was that he was a boy, and he could walk.

Omega Seamaster 471

"She's 100 percent heart," said Leona Dwoske, of Hudson. "When she called me last night, I was not surprised.

Omega Seamaster 471

"We live in a trailer park, and she helps my elderly neighbors. She comes here when it snows and shovels our walks. Since she was born, she's been very emotional. If someone was being teased, she was her friend. She Omega Watch Models

NASHUA April Soucy didn't know the baby's or his mother's names, but she knew when she saw the child's blue, lifeless body that she had to do something. Thursday night, Soucy heard a woman in the next apartment let out "a blood curdling scream."

Omega Seamaster 471

Omega Seamaster 471

Omega Seamaster 471

then Soucy started to cry.

She is grateful for Omega Leather Strap Speedmaster

"She couldn't find her phone and she was hysterical," Soucy said. "She threw the baby into my arms. He was blue from head to toe. He was limp. His eyes were back in his head."

Briggs said he had never "seen a baby that color before. I was afraid I would pass out."

"My mother is my hero," she said. "I could thank her a million times."

Soucy said she stayed awake for most of that night, reliving her actions and wondering if she did the right thing or could have done it better.

Without the classes in CPR, she said, "I would have been one of the six people in that apartment who didn't know what to do."

Soon, Soucy was on the phone with an emergency dispatcher who guided her through the rest of the lifesaving techniques until she heard what sounded like a sigh of relief from the baby, followed by a scream.

So Soucy told the mother to run into her apartment and get her phone and have her friend Jason Briggs call 911.

She performed the maneuver three times until she heard the baby emit a loud gasp and then start to vomit phlegm.

"I still don't feel right. I feel like I could have done more," she said. "But I guess I did what I had to do."

Just at that moment, EMT's arrived and took over, and then Soucy directed her attention to the mother.

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City woman saves child

"I told the mom, 'Talk to him. Sing to him to keep him awake. Let him know you're here,'" Soucy said.

Omega Seamaster 471

was the friend of the friendless."

Omega Seamaster 471

Omega Seamaster 471

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