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At most they would have had to change a filter sooner after the recent turbidity, which would Omega Seamaster Professional James Bond

points to a key issue.

"If we had the water treatment plant this wouldn't have been an issue."

The results of the ongoing filtration tests will be formally reported after the full year of testing ends in November.

"But the water is there, it's not like it's drying up," Squire assured, though he admitted the monitoring and planning keeps him up at night.

He added that the recent experience also makes the proposed aquifer storage and recovery system (ASR) "really attractive for us."

Associated Engineering has been conducting tests of two basic forms of filtration being considered for the coming treatment facility and all indications are leaning toward a membrane system over a more traditional sand and coal filtration and settling system.

"We are fortunate enough to have two water supplies, if we didn't have the wells Parksville would be in a real tough spot," he said.

Parksville is using the Englishman River as its main water source again, but they stress the importance of keeping consumption down while they watch a clay bank that recently collapsed into the river.

Omega Seamaster 007 Edition

Omega Seamaster 007 Edition

The bank collapsed on July 17 causing the city to switch to well water, which they don't usually use during the peak summer demand, giving the wells time to recharge for the rest of the year, explained Englishman River Water Service (ERWS) program manager Mike Squire.

Omega Seamaster 007 Edition

otherwise go practically unnoticed.

Omega Seamaster 007 Edition

Squire said the membrane costs more upfront but is more automated and takes a lot less labour to run.

Omega Seamaster 007 Edition

Omega Seamaster 007 Edition

Omega Seamaster 007 Edition

City water back to normal

Early estimates for the new river intake and treatment facility are around $50 million in total by 2050 in partnership with the regional district.

During the summer the wells can only meet the city's needs for a couple days before they would have to cut into their limited above ground reservoir capacity, which is reserved for fire fighting.

In a worst case scenario with the current system a turbidity event on a hot, busy summer weekend they would have to "compromise health for fire safety," Squire said explaining Omega Speedmaster 57 Titanium

"That really highlights the importance of the projects we are currently embarking on," Squire said.

"It's always nice to have redundancy, that's why people carry a spare tire," Squire said.

Omega Seamaster 007 Edition

Omega Seamaster 007 Edition

With test wells approved in the spring for the Kaye Road area (near the weigh scales), ASR would pump treated water into an underground aquifer for later use, providing a third option in the summer.

they would draw river water and issue a boil water advisory through the media and door to door pamphleting.

While he and the city try to remain optimistic, they are watching the river carefully with the remaining 100 foot clay bank still towering above it and they want people to be aware incase they do have to issue a boil Omega Seamaster 007 Edition advisory.

Omega Seamaster 007 Edition

That turbidity event only lasted 24 hours and was the first time it happened while the city was drawing river water, but it Omega Speedmaster Rose Gold

Omega Seamaster 007 Edition

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