Omega Watch Quartz

Omega Watch Quartz

Omega Watch Quartz

"And believe me; I have absolutely NO problem hurting you and the others if Sephiroth is at risk!"

of her reach entirely.

Omega Watch Quartz

After looping it enough to where it even held onto her shins, you Omega Watch Quartz grabbed the first padlock and attached it firmly onto the chains, then took a second one to her ankles so it was stuck. Standing up, you turned and left into the kitchen, digging through your material. How where was that? Oh! Nodding, you went back upstairs and into the attic, slipping up the stairs to the dark room and digging through it. Just near the entrance laid a torch, meant for emergencies only; this would qualify as one, you thought.

Tifa now looked at a loss for words, while Sephiroth simply stood there, keeping a careful watch over Tifa. She wasn't a threat in his eyes, but you could still be at risk, and he didn't want his doctor to wind up injured. "Fine." Tifa mumbled. He looked down at you and met your gaze; a slender silver eyebrow arched in curiosity, though no words left him. A brief spark of mischief raced through your eyes, and that was all he needed to see. Smirking briefly, he glanced up at Tifa.

Pushing Sephiroth back from you, you stepped towards her. "Then I suppose Sephiroth should get out of here now." You stated. Without warning, tears brimmed your eyes and began to roll down your cheeks. Tifa glanced from Sephiroth's disappearing figure back to you, only to see the tears. Her dark chocolate eyes widened in surprise, and immediately she felt guilt swell up inside of her. "Tifa, I I'm sorry. I I was just s so lonely, a and he," you choked on your tears and fell into sobbing. "H he cured that l loneliness."

"Yes it did. Can you help me now?" You inquired, while rolling Tifa onto her belly. Sephiroth obliged and walked over, kneeling down beside you and offering you one of the chains and the thick, iron padlocks. The only unusual thing? There were no key holes. They had been completely filled in with a melted iron and hardened so it would be damn near impossible to get through. You took the first chain down to her ankles, where you first removed her shoes and socks.

"I see your plan went well," a silky voice nearly purred. Glancing back over your shoulder, you peered up at Sephiroth, smiling in satisfaction when he brought the gag, tape and chains. Perfect!

You just had a hard time trusting, and it seemed as though Sephiroth had used it to his advantage to get you to open up your mind and home to him. He had used you! Or, so Tifa thought."Yes, Layla?" She inquired softly.

She looked warily between the two of you, wondering what was about to happen.

Omega Watch Quartz

"Well, you see. hurt; betrayed. "Lays, you know this is Cloud's enemy!" She snapped.

Omega Watch Quartz

eyes returned to that cold, vicious stare as she ripped her stare back up to meet your own. For once in a long, long time, you felt ashamed for helping someone. What in the hell was wrong with you? Helping Cloud's enemy? You should have turned Sephiroth in! But then.

Still watching cautiously, Tifa stepped over to your form as you sat on the ground on your knees, crying. She knelt down in front of you and wrapped her arms around you, while still watching for the silver haired man. "I I just." Tifa shushed you and held you closer, your own arms finding their way around her waist. "It's okay, Layla. I know, I know." She sighed, petting your hair. Generally she wouldn't even consider doing this, but she knew the secluded lifestyle you lived, and how scared you could get of others, hence your loneliness.

Omega Watch Quartz

He'd have been murdered ruthlessly. You would have never of had those talks with him that you did, or got to flirt and be playful, or even had far more intimate moments that you didn't share with others but once in a blue moon. For once.

"If you're sure." You whispered. She blinked, pulling back a bit to look at you. You watched her, and without warning, brought your hand around and karate chopped the back of her neck. Her eyes rolled back and she fell unconscious, collapsing against you limply.

"L layla. What the hell is he doing in your house?" Tifa whispered, her eyes narrowing darkly onto the silver haired male in front of her. He seemed unfazed; rather bored, actually. Without so much as a sound, the large male reached over and grabbed you, pulling you over to him and wrapping his arm around you casually.

Closing your eyes for a moment, you tried your hardest to word this as best as you could in your mind. I got to know and understand him in ways that neither you nor anyone else could ever even begin to grasp. He told me more than you could understand, and." Sighing, you opened your eyes and looked at her, carefully shifting your weight in your beloved's arms. He gets me. So you know what? Tell Cloud, tell Vincent. Tell every fucking person in that city. But be warned: if you want to get to him, you'll have to go through me." You hissed, glaring at her.

Omega Watch Quartz

"I'm sorry." She shook her head and smiled, patting your back lovingly. "It's okay."

You felt like you belonged.

Omega Watch Quartz

"Cloud. Cid. Marlene." Tifa's eyes saddened briefly. We all thought that he had been finished off for good. We thought we could finally rest in knowing that the man who caused so much pain and suffering was finally dead. But all of this time." Her Omega Speedmaster White Dial

Walking back downstairs, you returned to Tifa's side, only to see that Sephiroth had bound her wrists perfectly and attached wrappings onto her hands so her fingers could barely move, if at all. The padlock for her wrists were put up a little higher by her elbows, so it was out Omega Seamaster Gmt 2017

Omega Watch Quartz

Carefully you wrapped the chains around her ankles, putting them on to the point where they were nice and secure on the brunette's ankles. You didn't want them to move for whatever reason, and since you had a feeling she might squirm.

"Shut up Tifa!" You snapped, jerking your head up and glaring at her menacingly. She reeled back a bit in surprise, but firmly held her ground, watching the both of you cautiously. "I am so sick and tired of hearing you yell at me because I HELPED him! He was dying, what did you expect me to do?! I'm a doctor, I help others! I don't leave them for dead! I don't know why the fuck you think I'd let him get hurt or killed my Cloud, but I will tell you this."

Omega Watch Quartz

her gaze from the male, wary of his possible intentions. "Look, Tifa. He was hurt, injured, in my back yard. Did you honestly believe for one second that I would leave him to die?! You may be a heartless woman, but I'm not. I refuse to let him die." Sighing heavily, you leaned back into him.

"But if I'm not mistaken, they also worked together at one point, didn't they?" You retorted. Tifa frowned and leaned back a bit, but didn't remove Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

"How could you do this to us, Layla? To me? I trusted you. We all trusted you! And what do you do? You betray all of us! You "

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Omega Watch Quartz

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