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Most of the requests came from attorneys seeking the arrest and criminal records for their clients or for people suing their clients. The most frequent requester was the law firm Getman Stacey Schulthess, which represents the Hillsborough County Department of Corrections.

Obama and Clinton made their requests for a list of absentee voters in the fall of 2007.

Hogan was not immediately available for comment for this story.

The Police Department received the most Right to Know requests. Some of the 14 requests though didn't cite the law but were treated as though they had Omega Watches Price In Pakistan

by police because they were seeking the same information, Nashua police Lt. John Fisher said.

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Omega Seamaster 300 Homage

One of The Telegraph's two requests were granted, a request for statements for city owned cell phones asked for in 2006. A 2009 request for any agreements between the city and Pennichuck was denied Omega Seamaster 300 Homage because of pending litigation. A number of other requests made by The Telegraph during the past five years were not on file.

City had powerful requesters

Figuring out who asks the city for information and then determining whether they received it is more complicated than it may seem. People can file requests for information directly to any city department and there is no central place where those requests are stored. Furthermore, many requests aren't kept on file for more than a year.

People ask for information all the time, but it's fairly rare that they use the state law written specifically to outline exactly what information they have a right to, the state's Right to Know Law, RSA 91:A.

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The most often requested item was the city's official checklist, which 17 people asked for, though not through an official Right to Know request.

NASHUA Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Right to Know requests submitted to city officials over the past few years is that two of the world's most powerful people are among the requesters. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both asked for a list of city residents who requested absentee ballots in 2007, when they were candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Newspapers are watchdogs of government because of laws that protect the public's freedom of information and right to know. Sunshine Week is an annual examination of government's responsiveness to citizens. The project is spearheaded by the American Society of Newspaper Editors and includes the participation of newspapers across the country.

Another request that was granted was submitted by Edith Hogan asking where then newly hired Omega Seamasters

the accommodations.

"Everyone was very responsive. No one hid anything from me that I'm aware of," Matsis said. "I was pleased with all the information I received. It was prompt, and it was accurate."

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Many people have requested a list of people who receive Veterans Tax Credits from the Assessing Office, including Bill Richardson for President, and Obama for America, both of which made their requests in the fall of 2007.

superintendent Julia Earl was staying and what the city was paying for Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy

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At Financial Services, a few formal requests are on file, including one from former mayoral candidate Arthur Matsis. In 2007, he asked for the number of janitors the city employs, the number of vehicles it owns or leases, average dues city employees pay to unions, how much income the city receives and where Nashua District Court fees end up.

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He said he was very pleased with the response from the city. The information was provided quickly and he received assistance as to which departments he should seek out to get the information more quickly, he said.

There have been far more than 14 requests submitted to police, but the majority came from people requesting records or reports about themselves. Written requests aren't necessary to get that information. It's provided as a matter of course, Fisher said.

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Finally, the only formal request the Community Development Division received was from David Bangs, who requested any and all documents and meeting minutes about MacMulkin Chevrolet in April 2007. He was directed to another office.

"I don't, and I don't think most of the department's track Right to Know requests," Mayor Donnalee Lozeau said. "What's important to me is that anyone who asks for information in any form, gets the information they need. It just wouldn't occur (to me) to track it."

Matsis said he was after all that information as part of his candidacy. He was looking for ways to show where the city might be able to cut spending and ease tax payers' burden.

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