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From the start of the debate Buono was Omega Speedmaster Reduced On Wrist swinging for the fences. She turned a question about why more than 50 elected Democrats have endorsed Christie into an attack on the governor.

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At that point moderator Michael Schneider thought Christie wanted to respond.

billion in tax credits to corporations, calling it the wrong way to jumpstart the state's economy and reasoning that that the state should redirect some of the credits to small businesses. She lodged the same criticism at last week's meeting but Christie was caught off guard this time.

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Currie scoffed the polls that show Christie is running away with the election.

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"Focus on small businesses. They form 95 percent of our businesses in New Jersey. It's this one trick pony that he has. He's focused on this the sum and substance of his economic plan, which has landed us in the bottom of the barrel in economic growth,'' said Buono, adding that Omega Speedmaster Blue Panda

Christie trade barbs in final debate

The candidates sparred for 90 minutes at Montclair State University over a wide range of topics that included the Affordable Care Act, same sex marriage, the federal government shutdown, the state's minimum wage, and superstorm Sandy relief.

It wasn't until Buono focused on Christie's economic policy that the governor, for the first time in two debates, was knocked off stride.

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Omega Speedmaster Reduced On Wrist

Christie said his position "has been the same all along'' on the Dream Act.

Republican New Jersey Gov. 15, 2013.(Photo: Associated Press)

"Be careful. This governor has a history of saying one thing and doing another,'' said Buono, who also said she supports the program, adding, "Our dreamers should not left behind.''

Buono sharply criticized Christie's provision of $2.1 Omega Seamaster 300 Chrono

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"At the time what I said to the people of New Jersey was that we could not afford, given all the budget mess we were left in by Gov. Corzine and Sen. Buono, to be able to put another burden on our state's colleges and universities and have them do this. But what I always have said is that when economic times got better, that it would be one of the things that I would consider,'' Christie said.

Christie paused slightly, then said, "no,'' drawing laughter from some in the audience.

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Democratic State Chairman John Currie before the debate greeted close to 100 Buono supporters who rallied outside the auditorium and said he's confident Buono can make it a close race.

Christie was also accused of flip flopping on the Dream Act after he said he supports the proposal, which would afford in state tuition rates to students whose parents brought them to the country illegally.

"Gov. Christie represents the worst combination of bully and bossism, and that's what has motivated some of these elected Democrats to support him," said Buono, who then referenced questions about recent the closure of entrance lanes to George Washington Bridge and speculation it was political payback because the Fort Lee mayor didn't endorse the governor.

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But with the state senator trailing by 20 plus points in various polls and facing a severe campaign cash shortfall Christie has an $8 million war chest, nearly eight times more money than Buono has it's uncertain if Buono's performance will help improve the long shot odds she faces in trying to deny Christie a second four year term.

"The only poll that's important is the one on election night. We have 700,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans. We're working hard to get them out,'' Currie said. "As Sen. Buono starts to air her commercials in the near Omega Seamaster Mid Size Vs Full Size

"Am I correct is saying that you want to say something about that?'' Schneider said.

"there's no oversight and no accountability'' over the relief program.

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future, we're going to turn this thing around.''

Story HighlightsState Sen. With just three weeks left in the New Jersey gubernatorial campaign, Democrat Barbara Buono went at Gov. Chris Christie with vigor in their final debate Tuesday night, hitting so hard at the state's economic slump that one exchange left the incumbent speechless hardly a Christie character trait.

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