Omega Seamaster Gold Plated

Omega Seamaster Gold Plated

Director Angus Jackson has created a marvellous piece that will undoubtedly do much welcome harm to the corporate team building industry. No HR manager should miss it.

Omega Seamaster Gold Plated

Struggling to come to terms with the Omega Seamaster Gold Plated inevitable deepening crisis, we find production manager Gordon (Adrian Edmondson), finance manager Roy (Rufus Hound), distribution manager Angus (Tim McMullan) and team captain marketing Omega Red Strap

Whether it is raft building or constructing an imaginary bridge over an imaginary river filled with imaginary alligators, the object is seldom to complete the task at hand but always to bond with your fellow castaways.

Omega Seamaster Gold Plated

As team captain Marquez calls on his experience in bringing up his twin girls to attempt to hold his group together, the nights draw in and deliverance seems always just out of reach across the fog laden water.

Omega Seamaster Gold Plated

manager Neville (John Marquez).

re telling of each disaster, from sunken sausages to failed karaoke rescue bid, are audience favourites.

Chichester Festival Theatre From Daily Echo

MUD, rain, blood and team building. It's a familiar theme for anyone who has undergone the dubious delights of corporate away days, although perhaps not always the shedding of vital bodily fluids.

Here, cast ashore following the sinking of their rowing boat, are Team C from the Pennine Mineral Water company, whose map reading and clue following skills, or lack of any, are to challenge them much more than their weekend away was designed to do.

Inevitably it will end in blood, and probably the production manager's own.

Omega Seamaster Gold Plated

Omega Seamaster Gold Plated

mind of designer Robert Innes Hopkins. Front rows should beware when the action strays into the lake's waters just feet from their seats.

Omega Seamaster Gold Plated

Omega Seamaster Gold Plated

Omega Seamaster Gold Plated

Matters reach an inevitable conclusion with fireworks both on the island and in the distance as Bonfire Night celebrations echo the detonations in the group.

Omega Seamaster Gold Plated

Starring throughout is the Island itself, a fantastic rainswept creation from the Omega Watch Latest Model

Edmondson is given quite the best lines throughout, his biting sarcasm and Omega Speedmaster Racing Review

Firth wastes no time introducing his characters in their comfort zones, but thrusts them and the audience immediately into the rain sodden despair of Rampsholme, where matters begin to unravel from the moment Gordon emerges from the lake's waters minus his rucksack and much vital equipment.

Omega Seamaster Gold Plated

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