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In his letter to Ishihara, Jiao wrote satirically that he would donate money to help Japan buy the Diaoyu islands and even the Zhongnanhai leadership compound in Beijing.

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make drinking beers larger than a 12 oz/355 mL perfectly socially acceptable. You can even make them in metric, we'll gladly swig from half liter or liter containers if it doesn't have the current Omega Seamaster 300 Leather Band "poor wino" connotation of drinking a tallboy or a forty.

China went to war with themselves with what might have been their best chance at such a way, free elections, a better and less centralized government, more freedoms, liberties.

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4. We're not mis spelling our words with extra silent vowels nor are we driving on the wrong side of the road. Working in a hospital, British medical terminology is particularly horrible for extra vowels and would confound us for generations. "Oesophagus?" "Diarrhoea?" That gives me "diarrhoea" just thinking about it.

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China warns Australia not to side with US

Our first line of defence is purely passive . If you can get past the crocodiles, blue ringed octopus and irikanji and land, then you have the Tiapans, redback spiders and funnelweb spiders to deal with.

Reynod said:

I stand with Japan and Australia, not because I have to, not because my government says Im supposed to, not thru coercion, but because they are my brothers and sisters in freedom and liberty.

What he doesnt get is exactly what youve said, we, Australia, Japan and the US are formed by a like minded group of peoples, where freedom was never free, but paid for dearly.

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Run us over with a truck and watch your gearbox and exhaust get torn out in the process . while we recover from being stunned and continue looking for a female wombat to hump . and a few beers . and a sleep.

You can keep the imperial measuring system which some of us older Aussies are familiar with anyway.

I hope China at least have a clue what this means

On behalf of all of the Aussies . take a flying lead you arrogant nutjob.

Furthermore, the US Constitution needs a further amendment to include all Men's right to have a shed, homebrewing shall become a religious institution free of all taxes, all pro surfers shall have minor deity status, (like ex presidents) Bunnings sausage sizzles every Sunday will be considered appropriate places of worship, and finally we will require some minor changes to your dictionary to include the correct spelling for a number of words.

After you have been sufficiently drowned, eaten, zapped, burned, poisoned then you have to conten with our armed forces .

If your looking to compare us to an animal we are more like the "Friendly Wombat".

According to the South China Morning Post, Jiao was detained over open letters he posted online to Ma Ying jeou, president of Taiwan, and the nationalist Tokyo governor, Shintaro Ishihara, whose proposal to buy the Diaoyu islands triggered the Japanese government's purchase.

1. Constitutional right of a basement man cave or workshop in addition to the shed. You have to have a place to do your indoor fun stuff as well as a place to put the cars and other outside fun stuff.

us older Aussies are familiar with anyway.

His name is Bruce and he has a shotgun and flies a cropduster, the navy consists of Bert in his 6 foot tinny. The army are any of the footy teams who are resting on a bye.

Yanks for their silly mistakes (11 inch Subways, the Apple Lisa, Dr Pepper and Dr Phil)and the Japanese (game shows and Cosplay) but essentially they both value freedom and liberty . you don't.

3. Add barbecue places in with the sausage sizzles as places of worship. Oh, and dive bars too.

5. We will however take you blokes up on the offer to Omega Speedmaster Professional Blue

2. Home distilling should be made legal and tax free. Wine and beer are legal for that here but it's a big old no no to make even a drop of your own whiskey. That's just not right.

You can keep the imperial measuring system which some of Omega Seamaster 300 Mesh Bracelet

Australia is no "kind hearted Lamb" . If the Chinese Government want to find a peaceful way forward the first thing they need to do is distance themselves publically from this guy .

We might tease the Omega Constellation Diamond Dial

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Omega Seamaster 300 Leather Band

Chinese rights groups have reported that a well known dissident is being held by police after posting comments about the disputed islands last week. Jiao Guobiao, formerly a journalism professor at Peking University, was arrested for incitement to subvert state power.

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