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"The three Nottingham churches have a traditional liturgy but they are quite modern in outlook and there's a lot of engagement with the community," he said.

"The government had a vision of a free market economy with far fewer regulations. It was an economy based on the credit industry and that's been a remarkable way of creating growth. But now we're seeing that policy in Omega Seamaster 120 Bezel terms of the fragility of the banking system. The indebtedness of the Western economies compare rather worryingly with countries where financial surpluses have been built up, such as China.

Christopher's career switch propelled him from report writing in the rarefied Westminster environs to the front line of the crime and drugs scene.

"It was a high risk project. They were all very unpredictable. But it made a deep impression on them. They were mainly from the black community and to go to Africa and get a sense of their roots was a moving experience for them."

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Omega Seamaster 120 Bezel

The Tory government was then in its heyday. It was the era of Margaret Thatcher, Geoffrey Howe and Nigel Lawson.

"You saw the effects of some Omega Seamaster Quartz 1420 Price

He studied economics at Cambridge, then landed a role as an advisor at the treasury, eventually running the office of Jock Bruce Gardyne, MP, economic secretary to the Treasury.

He believes his disparate experiences of the tough and the talkative, from council estates to parish council meetings, will stand him in good stead for his Nottingham career.

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"It's interesting how some of the changes that took place in the early 80s are unravelling now. Even then, we had some worries about where the dismantling of regulations would end up."

Christopher's heart was never really in the work, hence his training for ordination, which began in 1984.

Christopher was brought up in a church going family in Chesterfield.

of the programmes carried out in the post war years when huge estates and blocks of flats were built with the best of intentions but they didn't work."

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Here he witnessed first hand the results of previous Government policies.

"These lads were all tough, into knives and drugs. We were trying to give them an experience of something different. We went camping around the country and visited Victoria Falls.


During his five years at the Treasury, Christopher dealt with Howe and Lawson, although his encounters with Thatcher were limited to a disapproving scrawl on correspondence.

"It was a very different country then," he quickly points out.

He hadn't, at that stage, considered a faith based career, however.

Following a three year theology BA at Cambridge, he got a job as a curate in Camberwell the parish now notorious for the killing of 11 year old Damilola Taylor.

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The church was set within a modern community centre. It had a large, mixed race congregation and held activities throughout the week.

Christopher began to focus his work on local disaffected teenagers, taking them on rural adventure courses and at one point accompanying 10 of them on a five week stay in Omega Seamaster Chronograph Leather

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"I'm keen to get back into a city centre. And I feel very stimulated by the opportunities on offer."

"It was a multi racial area, with poverty, deprivation and high levels of crime," he said.

vicar Christopher Harrison swaps rural Derbyshire for Nottingham congregation

He believes we may, only now, be reaping the consequences for many of the decisions taken at the time.

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"There were some horrendous estates which were breeding grounds for drug abuse."

"A lot of major changes took place at that time and the Treasury was taken by surprise by them," he said.

For Christopher, 51, is on the cusp of taking up a new challenge as the vicar of three of Nottingham's most prestigious city centre churches, All Saints, St Mary's and St Peter's.

That said, he retains a fascination with the economy and, during the early 90s, became an advisor to the Bishop of Southwark on poverty, debt and fair trade.

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"I never met Thatcher but I remember making one submission to her. It was returned with a very dismissive comment at the top!" he recalled.

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