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Omega Speedmaster White Dial

Omega Speedmaster White Dial

"It has a 2 inch lip, and it raises up to 5 inches in the center," she said. This allows larger trucks to drive over the center island if they're too big to maneuver through the smaller roundabout.

Omega Speedmaster White Dial

Omega Speedmaster White Dial

the intersection was changed.

Omega Speedmaster White Dial

A true roundabout features an island in the center that allows traffic to flow in a counter clockwise direction. Each entrance and exit point features a "splitter" island that helps direct traffic, she said.

"It's extremely important for this project after what we've gone through to get what we have," she said.

Studies have shown significant decreases in the number of collisions at intersections with roundabouts, according to Andrus.

Andrus said there will be an adjustment period while people who are used to the current configuration learn the new one, but that would be true regardless of how Omega Speedmaster Co-axial Chronograph

The mini roundabout design under consideration features a "mountable" center island, meaning Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Xl

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The intersection of Kane Creek Boulevard and 500 West can be confusing, especially to tourists who aren't familiar with the area. Moab City Engineer Rebecca Andrus is hoping that the installation of a mini roundabout at the intersection will help simplify Omega Seamaster Bond Nato

"We'd end up in the property owned by the gas company," she said. "They'd have to move some very expensive equipment."

things for everyone.

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"Once they're in, people realize how easy they are and they start to want them everywhere," she said. "This makes it a lot simpler. It makes it a lot easier. It makes it a lot safer."

She said that people tend to oppose roundabouts until they're installed.

The mini roundabout wasn't the only option considered. The city also drew up plans for making the intersection a three way stop, however that would require an increased city right of way in the area, she said.

Omega Speedmaster White Dial

"There is a 60 percent decrease in the number of injury crashes and over an 80 percent decrease in fatal or incapacitating crashes," she said. "Most of the crashes that occur in roundabouts are property damage only."

Omega Speedmaster White Dial

Moab City Manager Donna Metzler said that the right of way issue is a major factor in the decision.

"This is less complicated than anything else," Omega Speedmaster White Dial Andrus said. "It's the only design that would allow through movements without stopping."

that there is no signage or landscaping on it.

Omega Speedmaster White Dial

City to add mini roundabout at Kane Creek and 500 West intersection

Andrus said earlier this month that the city plans to install the new feature as part of a $1 million road construction project scheduled to begin on 500 West in the summer of 2015.

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Omega Speedmaster White Dial

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