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A brand new Debenhams would then become the flagship store of a new Bargate pedestrian parade, off the High Street, which would feature a mix of boutique and independent shops.

look to attract a load of smaller, independent shops that we currently don't have in WestQuay and are currently struggling to bring into the city."

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that part of town.

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The city council is in talks with developers Parkridge Holdings, which owns both the Bargate centre and the Debenhams site, about how to revitalise what has become one of the most neglected areas

Bargate and I think that area is calling out to have its own identity, perhaps as a

new 'Bargate Village'."

Bargate Shopping Centre was sold to Parkridge Holdings, a European property giant, for 17.25m in February 2008 just as the credit crunch was starting to bite.

City shopping centre to be demolished From Daily Echo

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While no planning application will be submitted to the city council until the economic climate improves, all parties believe now is the time to plan for the future.

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However, he said they were committed to pushing ahead with a major redevelopment.

"The site occupies a strategic location in the city centre and, subject to sensitive and appropriate redevelopment, will play major role in revitalising Southampton as a retail destination and

Councillor Royston Smith, Cabinet member for economic development, said: "It is early days at the moment because of the economic climate but we are very interested in their proposals to regenerate

He cited the soon to open SouthGate shopping centre in Bath and the Arc Centre in Bury St Edmunds, which opened in March and is anchored by a dramatic curved shape Debenhams, as inspirations for"The covered street is a novel approach. It's important to create a different feel in different parts of the city and if Parkridge are going down that line then that is a positive sign," he said.

The nearby Debenhams department store on Queens Way would also be demolished and replaced by a residential tower overlooking Hoglands and Houndwell parks.

St centre and that whole area. I am gutted about the recent closure of the Dolphin, it's bar and Bleu. such a charming place and a real rare treat in what is quite frankly, quite a souless city! Also, what on eart is going to happen to New Yorks at the bottom end of town? That has been empty for so many years and it's huge. PLEASE do not build more flats, why have they not learnt from the disaster of Ocean Village?! The flats have not sold, and now there are half built projects! The council have made so many stupid decision, just look at the lovely Bugle street area near the Bosuns pub and church. There is the lovely row of tradition terraced cottages by albion place and the bargate walls. And then there is that hideous tower block right in the middle of it all. How did that ever get the go ahead?! I have high hopes for this new 'Cultural Quarter' i'm hoping that it will create some atmosphere! We need more culture, art THINGS TO DO. Southampton is flats and shops. And the flats arn't selling and the shops are closing. Sort out the parks (the lakes in the common are FULL of litter) have some more features, snack huts, bars that stay open late with music and fairy ligts with somewhere to sit outside with space! The only thing we have near to that is Parkafe, which I have to say is so sweet with it's backgammon board games etc but it closed at 8. Have developers in this city not been to Omega Speedmaster Pro Leather Strap mainland europe at all? Or even brighton or bournemouth! We're supposed to be a sea side city! The city needs to get creative, what about ice cream parlous or more independent stores, some traditional bakeries, more social things to do!

A spokesman for Parkridge last night said no details of the plans would be confirmed before the submission of a planning application.

"Rather than having another shopping mall, as we already have two of those, you would have a shopping street. The shops would be protected from the wind and rain, but it would be completely open.

Southampton city centre manager Ian McClurg Welland welcomed the proposals and said he would like the new precinct to have a "village atmosphere".

There are so so so many empty stores now, it's depressing. Yes i agree something needs to be done about East Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Professional

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"Southampton is in such a bad way, what are the council doing?!

of the city in recent years.

"We will also Omega Watches For Mens

"It could just be the uniqueness that Southampton possibly requires. I'd like to see more boutique shops around Omega Constellation Chronometer Electronic F300hz Watch

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