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He is calling on the council Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 39mm

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I take your point concerning pollution in the modern world we all contribute to a greater Omega Gold Watch Price or lesser extent but while i acknowledge that cars have their uses, and that the electric version, although in its infancy, does appear to be a step in the right direction, a city centre laid out for the most part before the invention of the automobile is not an ideal place for them.

A city shop owner also claims that businesses have been hit by the charges and has Omega Speedmaster Astronaut Watch

The Tram is neither Bus nor Train and due go its fixed routes (trammelled) should never be allowed to hog public roads.

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There is obviously limits to what our roads can take and Public Transport should be good enough, flexible and affordable to help keep the necessity for car ownership and Hsiang to manageable levels.

He said: "We would normally have over 1,000 people coming for the various masses, but the other Sunday we were down by more than 100."

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My wife and me use the bus whenever we can. We are fortunate in that there is a stop a few yards down the road both on leaving and returning and the Service is great. The drivers are a friendly lot too.

He added: "What happens is up to the council. I can only present them with the evidence. We are not asking for special compensation, we are asking for fair treatment."

Drawing a comparison between our locally elected council officials and the scribes and pharisees of Jesus' time also seems a little strong and could as easily be made regarding some of today's religious leaders and their followers. This was infact what my original post was intended to illustrate.

"There have been no reports of a reduction in the congregations at other churches such as St Peter's and St Mary's on Sundays.

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Geoff Williams, owner of the Tokenhouse gift shop in Bridlesmith Gate, said: "These charges are far from helpful. And we don't even know where the money being gained from them is going.

Personal Transport is also fine and necessary for the Freedom and Convenience it affords.

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challenged council leader Councillor Jon Collins to see the extent of the effects for himself.

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to "do away with" the parking charges.

"Indeed, St Mary's Church in the Lace Market had its largest congregation for many years at its Christmas Eve carol service.

We are seeing on these blogs the type of control freak, dishonest self seeking creeps that get into the seats of power in Nottingham.

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Firstly, it is good to be able to discuss issues in a civilised manner . . . These threads sometimes degenerate into slanting matches. This must please those in power and those that do wrong whilst wielding the reins.

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We must not have local Government fanatics, using the powers we grant them, to fulfil their own dreams of some State Governed socialist controlled Soviet.

Busses for Roads and Trains for Cross Country.

Councillor Jane Urquhart, Nottingham City Council's portfolio holder for planning and transport, said: "Given the generous package of discounts we have agreed with the churches, we would be surprised if the changes to parking arrangements are the only or even most significant reason for a reduction in the numbers of people coming into the city to worship.

The Tram I think is not a necessity and appears to me to be an indulgence of our Local Councillors whose judgement at the best is self serving and highly flawed.

"However, we will continue to listen to the concerns of churches and faith groups and will work with them if there is demonstrable Omega Watches 2018

It also prevents the State from being the final arbiter regarding the personal freedom of movement of citizens.

evidence that parking arrangements are having an adverse impact."

City cathedral blames parking charges for fall in donations

Church leaders across the city condemned the plans, and Mr Hunton says their fears have now been realised, with the cathedral reporting an expected loss of about in charitable donations since the scheme came into effect on November 20.

Yes Public Transport should be encouraged and promoted as it is a necessity.

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Good Public Transport is a must and I favour the flexibility and personal touch that a Local Service can only give.

"When you walk around, you can see how few cars are being parked up. In an area with 40 spaces, I've seen just two cars. I'd like the council to see it for themselves."

"At 6am to 6.30am homeless people come in and we provide them with warmth, but at the end of the day we still have the heating bills to pay." The dean said that a pre paid voucher scheme introduced by the council, saving church goers about per year in parking, has had little effect.

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