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So, people have moved Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch Leather Strap

laws. Children aren allowed into houses by their parents because experts suspect the drywall is affecting people, too.

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Omega Speedmaster On The Moon

Omega Speedmaster On The Moon

Omega Speedmaster On The Moon

"Five computer failures," he said. "We on our fourth hard drive right now."

"I trying to make people aware and how many people could actually be affected by this and how much drywall came in," Mike Middleton said from the attic of his infected $350,000 home.

copper color, but it too was gray.

out of their houses, large and small. A Walker family has moved into a camper next to their house. A man who got married this past weekend can bring his bride to live in the house he built. Some have moved in with in Omega Speedmaster Black Dial

Sean Payton, the head coach of the New Orleans Saints, first noticed the problem with equipment.

Omega Speedmaster On The Moon

Chinese drywall can turn homes into toxic assets

Despite mounting evidence, Chinese businesses still are not willing to admit their part in the $15 billion bomb they dropped on homeowners on the Gulf Coast. In 2004 and 2005, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana were hit by so many hurricanes that when rebuilding time came, a critical shortage developed for drywall, the big hard plaster sheets that are right below your wallpaper or painted wall.

A homeowner in Central says his three year old home has the same problem. He found the three feared words on his drywall, "Knauf, Tiangin, and China." The emissions do not only damage equipment right down to alarm systems and phones, but people as well.

Mike Middleton is a project manager for large commercial projects. He shocked a customer at how fast he restored a building that burned downtown. He knows Omega Speedmaster On The Moon his stuff and knows costs to repair those toxic assets for homeowners.

In the two years after Katrina, building permits were issued for nearly 5,000 houses in East Baton Rouge Parish alone and inside many of those homes, something nasty was being installed. Building suppliers had pressed China to step up drywall production. The Chinese opened new plants, apparently in the filthy, polluted conditions documented a year ago by the program "60 Minutes."

Omega Speedmaster On The Moon

One of the problems is the coils in his air conditioner. They should be a shiny copper color, not the dull gray they now display. The dull gray comes from hydrogen sulfide being emitted by the Chinese drywall. It attacks light switches, electrical outlets and electrical junction boxes. One photographed wire should have been a shiny Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Rubber Strap

Omega Speedmaster On The Moon

"Sean could smell it all over," said Daniel Becnel, an attorney. "His kids noses were bleeding."

Omega Speedmaster On The Moon

More important, Payton was worried about his family.

Omega Speedmaster On The Moon

Omega Speedmaster On The Moon

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