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No matter whether "Me" means getting to the gym once a week or soaking in a hot tub for an hour, reading a book or going to a movie, you must include "Me" when you're taking inventory of the many hats you wear.

Now it's time to ask the hard questions: What's at the bottom of your inventory? Which relatively unimportant roles and responsibilities are consuming your precious time and emotion and energy? What can you do to minimize or remove the demands of these least important hats?

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer

Where's "Me" on the priority list? How much do you value your own needs? How much do you feel forced to neglect "Me" in order to meet others' needs? Are you rationalizing that you'll find time for yourself later? When the kids are grown? When the business is a success? When your spouse or co parent has met their goals?

You'll discover overlaps ("Getting the kids to practice is important to us both. Can we take turns driving?") and complements ("I didn't realize that cooking supper is more important to me and supervising homework is more important to you. I'll cook and you supervise, OK?") that allow burden sharing and economies of time, minimizing unnecessary resentments and duplication of effort in the process.

many hats must have a lot to offer Omega Speedmaster 2007

"But Mom, we need a chaperone for the field trip!"

Taking out the garbage? Running a multinational corporation? Tucking Jimmy into bed at night? Washing dishes? Playing room mother at school? Changing the oil in the van?

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer

In fact, as Seuss' King Derwin eventually realizes, anyone who wears so Omega Speedmaster Automatic Reduced

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer

Being like Bartholomew Cubbins is only a burden when the hats you wear are out of your control. Take control today. Make careful choices which hats you wear. Make yourself a priority. Find ways to share the pleasures and responsibilities of your many roles with others. By taking control of which hats you wear, where and when you wear them, you may discover that resentment, jealousy and conflict diminish.

Pick the hats that you wear carefully. Do you know how to say no? Do you recognize that no matter how you might disappoint or anger others by refusing to wear yet another hat, you're setting an important example? You're acknowledging your limits. You're teaching your kids by example that taking care of oneself is a priority.

And what are the priorities of the other people in your life? How do your priorities mesh or conflict? Ask your co parents or colleagues or children to inventory the hats they wear, the tasks and responsibilities common to your family or home, classroom or office, club or church or synagogue, then take the time to compare priorities honestly.

the kingdom of Didd.

No doubt you've learned it's impossible to wear all of these hats at once. You can't be everything to everyone all the time. This doesn't mean that you've failed. It doesn't make you a bad parent or wife or employee or friend. It only means you're human. You can only wear so many hats at once.

You and Bartholomew Cubbins probably have a lot in common.

"Its only every other Thursday for a couple of hours."

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer

Keep at it until the entire stack of cards is ordered from most important to least important.

Every hat you wear, every role you Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer accept, every batch of cookies you agree to bake and every meeting you agree to chair and every group you try to organize consumes a bit more of your finite time and energy and emotion. Like little Bartholomew, you already may have discovered that wearing too many hats gets you in trouble.

What are your priorities? Are you burned out already? Resentful that every moment is spoken for? Frantic because there's so much to be done? Depressed that there's no end in sight?

Once you've accounted for all of your hats, start prioritizing. Organize the cards in order of importance to you. Consider one pair at a time, asking yourself, "Is wearing this hat more important to me than wearing that hat?"

Many of the decisions will seem difficult or even impossible. No one can tell you which of your many roles are more important and which are less. You have Omega Seamaster 90s

You may even discover means of fulfilling one another's "Me" needs ("You wash my back, and I'll wash yours!").

Is Bartholomew's dilemma a necessary condition of parenthood? Of life in general? Or are there ways to step out from under all of those hats, to feel the sun on your forehead and take some time for yourself?

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer

Do you remember Batholomew? He's the little boy in the Dr. Seuss story who discovered that every time he took off his hat, another replaced it immediately.

to make these choices, recognizing only that matters of health and safety must always be among the most important.

Choose the hats that fit you best

Start by taking an inventory of the hats you wear. Get a stack of note cards and make a list of your responsibilities, no matter how large or small one per card.

Did you expect to wear the Chauffeur Hat? Are you OK wearing the Up All Night Worrying Hat? How does the Disciplinarian Hat fit you?

And how do these many hats of parenthood fit with those other hats you want to or need to wear? The working hats and the friendship hats and the craft making hats, for example?

Like Bartholomew, you probably find this infinite succession of hats exhausting. You're always going, always giving, always doing and never done.

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer

The Many Hats of Parenthood. Yes, wearing the hat of mother or father or caregiver brings with it dozens of others. You may have anticipated some the diaper changing, homework helping, limit setting hats, for example but others come as a surprise.

Did you remember to include a card that says "Me"? Taking care of yourself is the hat that parents most often neglect, only to find that by not making yourself a priority, there's nothing left to give to others.

"We're looking for a coach for the team, and we thought of you."

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer

As a parent, you've likely discovered that you suffer the same fate. The moment you try to remove your Mommy Hat, your Wife Hat magically appears. Step out from under the Wife Hat and find the Housecleaner Hat in its place. Doff the Housecleaner Hat, the Sister Hat appears, and under that the Daughter Hat, and under that the Friend Hat and the Chauffeur Hat and the Fix It Hat and the Troop Leader Hat, and on and on

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer

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